• IPGuru (unregistered)

    this is a Frist a story about someone who successfully migrates a legacy system to new technology without causing a disaster

  • Alchemist (unregistered)

    The manager obviously hit his monthly reading goal set by his teacher and shared his reward with OP. (Assuming this was in the US, of course.)

  • The Shadow Knows (unregistered)

    Erik's reward for his hard work? That was his salary for doing his job.

  • tatoun (unregistered)

    No longer were libraries skipping updates, after all

    Until one does or the update fails and we can get a new story ?

  • DQ (unregistered) in reply to tatoun
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  • Jan (unregistered) in reply to tatoun

    Well let's hope the updates are not "Give me the update! - This is what changed from yesterday.", but rather "Give me what changed since XXXX. - Here it is, now you have data as of YYYY."

  • sachin kushwaha (unregistered)
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  • Deep (unregistered)
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