• miki (unregistered)

    Re subtitles and audio:

    As a blind person, I appreciate websites that let me turn movie subtitles into synthesized speech. I use Netflix that way(it only works on iOs, and only after a bit of fiddling with Voice Over settings). I use the audio description track (audio description is an additional voice between the dialogs that describes what's going on in the movie) and normal subtitles. I understand english well enough to understand audio description, as it's usually made with a news broadcaster type of voice, but normal dialogs are hard, so it's easier for me if my screen reader just reads the polish subtitles.

  • Gert (unregistered)

    I have used TalkBack on a phone with a broken display... There are some non-blind user use-cases. (Whether it makes sense to cater for more than ensuring that a screen-reader user can quit the app is debatable though...)

  • koekum (unregistered) in reply to bjolling

    Real riders keep their gloves in their helmet, just ask indian Larry Oh, wait...

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