• miki (unregistered)

    Re subtitles and audio:

    As a blind person, I appreciate websites that let me turn movie subtitles into synthesized speech. I use Netflix that way(it only works on iOs, and only after a bit of fiddling with Voice Over settings). I use the audio description track (audio description is an additional voice between the dialogs that describes what's going on in the movie) and normal subtitles. I understand english well enough to understand audio description, as it's usually made with a news broadcaster type of voice, but normal dialogs are hard, so it's easier for me if my screen reader just reads the polish subtitles.

  • Gert (unregistered)

    I have used TalkBack on a phone with a broken display... There are some non-blind user use-cases. (Whether it makes sense to cater for more than ensuring that a screen-reader user can quit the app is debatable though...)

  • koekum (unregistered) in reply to bjolling

    Real riders keep their gloves in their helmet, just ask indian Larry Oh, wait...

  • fintux (unregistered) in reply to CRConrad

    Only if you read too slowly.

    There are people who have slightly impaired vision. They can follow the movie, but reading can be impossible / difficult. Makes sense for them. There are people who are unable to read (either too young, or having some issue preventing them learning to read). Makes also sense for them. Just because it isn't necessary for you, doesn't mean it won't be helpful for somebody else.

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