• Chris (unregistered)

    Caga tió is Catalan for "shit log" for those not in on the joke.

    It shits presents for the kids when they beat it with a stick on Christmas Eve.

    This is not the only shit-related Catalan christmas tradition.

  • P (unregistered)

    If a log file is written but nobody is around to read it, does it make a sound?

  • Free Bird (unregistered) in reply to P

    Only if it's written to a mechanical hard drive.

  • TruePony (unregistered)

    I work somewhere where the Powers That Be decided that “deploying to qa” == “copy all the files from dev“ and likewise for qa to prod. Of course, this also includes our config files...

  • (nodebb) in reply to Free Bird

    I contend this. Floppy disks and magnet bands also cause noise. Actually SSDs, though coil whine is typically less loud.

  • Kattman (unregistered) in reply to TruePony

    copy all the files actually is a good idea, if you don't include config files. This way you are deploying what you tested, but configuration for environment is the only thing that changes.

    Problem is, this is all ruined if you have a config setting saying "Prod" or "Test" and have a code switch going down a different path because of this. You are now in the same build but you are running code never tested.

  • Jaime (unregistered)

    I inherited a code base that did exactly this... in like a thousand places.

    The one place where they used proper config files, they used a custom routine to read the configuration that directly opened machine.config and did not honor the web.config in the current application. Of course, test, stage, and prod were on the same machine. Machine.config has sets of three entries, like DB_test, DB_stage, and DB_prod, and the code tried to figure out what environment it was in and use the corresponding configuration entry. For some middle tier stuff, the front end passed in an environment parameter and the middle tier used that parameter to select a config entry.

  • Marc (unregistered)

    The last thing I would have expected to find in TDWTF is a "Tió". :-D To extend on the first comment: kids must feed their "tió" with fruit and sweets for some time before hitting it with sticks on Christmas, if they want it to shit presents. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ti%C3%B3_de_Nadal

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