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    ... but oh how satisfying to reduce a codebase from megabytes down to a handful of kilobytes.

    Same way as it feels satisfying to look at a newly-cleaned stable floor.

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    Only two zz-prefix possibilities?

    ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha. This seems like that is the third in a series of two.

    Or if you had an account from a certain ISP named after a university in Queensland, Australia.

  • Dave (unregistered)

    ZZ prefix is a sign that Unvisible Zedd has been visiting your workplace.

  • anonymous (unregistered)

    I take it they already had a file named GeneralFunctions.asp, then someone thought "hey we should have a file for functions that are used more than once" and had to call it zzGeneralFunctions.asp. Presumably they didn't notice that GeneralFunctions.asp already existed until they tried to create their new file, at which point they went ahead anyway instead of looking at GeneralFunctions.asp and noticing that it did the same thing (just like all those people who noticed that their chosen function name already existed and chose another name but didn't think that maybe the existing function already did what they needed...).

  • Regurgitated rubbish (unregistered)

    Yeah but Microsoft might change the library and break your code if you use MonthName. Then what ya gunna do, smartypants?

  • jd-progund (unregistered)

    I once took a programming class at a Swedish uni. Programming language used was Java. The mandatory assignment had a specification which required us to put all functionality (read: methods) in a class called (translated from Swedish) "MyMethods". All those methods should be static.

    The comment on the first line of zzGeneralFunctions, as well as the name zzGeneralFunctions itself reminded me of this horror.

  • I dunno LOL ¯\(°_o)/¯ (unregistered)


    1- smart-ass developer cleans up code to use Microsoft functions

    2- manglement finds a great deal on used PCs from Eastern Europe

    3- software is loaded

    4- PCs now print gibberish with lots of "j"s and "z"s in it, instead of the only correct way to spell the names of months

    5- developer is fired for breaking the holy Application

  • Omego2K (unregistered)

    Ha! I used a piece of software before called think enterprise and they did in fact prefix types with "zz" and it was because of the band.

  • Kell S (unregistered)

    The reason for the certain American rock trio to drop their requirement was that it - apart from the naming starting with 'zz' - also required that the files always should be found at the top of the listing giving some difficulties for both application and file system developers.

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