• NULLPTR (unregistered)

    nullptr = TEXT;

  • Bubba (unregistered)

    remyporter.com is really dying...does anyone else work here any more?

  • my name is missing (unregistered)

    My interest in canned lobster color is indeed "None".

  • (nodebb) in reply to Bubba

    Forwards to http://www.atlascomic.com/.

  • ian (unregistered)

    I've got to ask: What kind of issue would cause every sequence of vowels in a message to be replaced by that same sequence of vowels repeated twice, separated by a P, and with diacritics applied?

  • Trust Me I'm Not a Robot (unregistered)

    I looked up that ISBN number. So he looked for "Fundamentals of Internet of Things for Non-Engineers" and the closest it could find was a 1922 pamphlet on the discoloration of canned lobsters. What a search engine!

  • Loop-de-loo (unregistered)

    Who needs premium features when the free version can process more files than I even have?

  • (nodebb)

    That's not Elvish! You're not Elvish! You're an Elvish Impersonator!

  • Pseudo Developer (unregistered)

    FWIW the Edge installer looks like it is the pseudo-localized version which is an ahem internal build that Microsoft uses to check that UI elements will work with translated text that is longer than the English original.

  • Zach G (unregistered) in reply to my name is missing

    When you find yourself reading a dissertation on canned lobsters from 1920 instead of working, you know it's Friday.

  • Richard (unregistered)

    Those are URL escape codes, not HTML.

    %20 is a space. %25 is a %. So %2520 is a space which has been URL-encoded twice.

    Why they've URL-encoded it four times before outputting it in an HTML context is anyone's guess.

  • WTFguy (unregistered)

    @Richard When you get a couple levels of web services involved and maybe an XML payload mixed in with a JSON or two, each of which have different escaping mechanisms, it's real easy to have too many (or too few) escapings.

    Add in some "security best practice" cut-and-paste coding and the WTFs just keep on coming.

  • WTFguy (unregistered)

    That Chromium installer UI makes me think of faked localization testing resources.

    You create localized resources for real target languages that use oddball characters to be identifiable as "foreign language text" when displayed, but are still readable in the the tester's own language so they can tell whether the correct message is being displayed, check layout and formatting, RTL/LTR, etc.

    Then in production you sub in the real resource file(s). Unless you forget that step.

  • works-ish (unregistered)

    I'm wondering if the fuzzy search rules noticed the 0s in the ISBN and also included the related string "none" as part of the valid set of results.

    Not sure why "None None None..." was in those descriptions, but whatever...

  • Vilx- (unregistered)

    Wait, "Chromium Edge"? What...?

    reads up

    head explodes

  • BitDreamer (unregistered) in reply to Richard

    Welcome to security, the old fashioned way.

  • (nodebb)

    The lobster book is obviously a very thourough description of a lobster discolouration research job.

    It tells you it found six lobsters without discolouration, then two with normal discolouration, nine more with discolouration: none, and, finally, again one with a normal discolouration.

    And probably a lot more research results, telling from the ellipsis and the 'See all results' hint.

  • Officer Johnny Holzkopf (unregistered) in reply to WTFguy

    If you have further questions, send a box of copypasta to M. Lampampatilde-Ampampez, Schlatildefacterstraße 17, 1199 Berlin.

  • Dvon E (unregistered) in reply to ian

    That's the famous WTF-8 encoding, as tested on the Mac version of a Microsoft-compliant browser.

  • Loko8765 (unregistered) in reply to ian

    Could be a regexp. You have a problem, you use a regexp to solve it, now you have 26 problems.

  • Salem Rasooli (unregistered)

    Yes crabs can be used in many places where crabs are not found where we live, but we are looking for more information about this animal how we can use crabs in practice. This company is looking for this !!!

  • (nodebb) in reply to Vilx-

    They obviously wanted to be able to support all of those sites still using -webkit- prefixed CSS...

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