• $ (unregistered)


  • Cowboy Neal (unregistered)

    Why do I suspect your Anonymous source just sent you the output of a Java obfuscator?

  • Pista (unregistered) in reply to Cowboy Neal

    Actually, I think that this is a manual obfuscation performed exactly because the original developer didn't trust the obfuscator.

  • The Mole (unregistered)

    My guess is someone used a form creator tool that output a class file and then decompiled it to get the source

  • chreng (unregistered) in reply to $

    Do you mean "fri$t"?

  • $!$!$ (unregistered)

    I'd expect an actual obfuscator would be obfuscating the parameter names, too, though. And I'd expect a form creator tool to have a more consistent pattern in its names. I mean, the ArrayList as a list of "$"s just seems like something someone would DECIDE to do.

  • $guest$ (unregistered) in reply to The Mole

    My thoughts exactly, more than a wiff of decomposed variable names

  • dolla dolla billz, yo (unregistered)

    Array.java:18: error: incompatible types for (Shape i : $$$$$$$$$$) ^ required: Array.Shape found: Object Note: Array.java uses unchecked or unsafe operations.

  • (nodebb)

    This looks more like someone was annoyed at his/her coworkers and had a field day with find/replace in order to frustrate the bejeezus out of the next person to touch this code. A decompiler would de-obfuscate variables more along the lines of int i1, i2, i3, i4; unless the bit code was also obfuscated. Then you'd get jibberish (Javarish?) source. Most definitely done intentionally.

  • No others need apply (unregistered)

    For every one with dollar signs in his eyes There must be hundreds that look at you as if you're some kind of Rhythm section want ad

  • Koen van Dratel (unregistered)

    The code doesn't do all that much so perhaps it's just a silly exercise? As in determining the capability of understanding programs without having to be led by suggestible names such as isRectangle, x0, ... (as opposed to draw/tp, $$_, ... )?

  • blakeyrat (unregistered)

    This website sucks

  • Yog-Sothoth (unregistered)

    Why, yes, I do occupy time. It's very confusing some...er...times..

  • Yog-Sothoth (unregistered)

    In this thread: Otherwise sane developers analyzing turd-code.

  • Alex Vincent (unregistered)

    Dolla dolla bugs, y'all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c764JWVt5Fw

  • Carl Witthoft (google) in reply to chreng

    I think it should be $COMMENT_COUNT

  • funkestein (unregistered)

    The real wtf is people still use $ as money.

  • isthisunique (unregistered)

    Manual obfuscation. I used to do this as a kid when I was programming. For school I programmed everything minified by default. But you know, I was a teenager, teenagers are eccentric and do odd things.

  • Guest (unregistered)

    Well, demand your money back then.

  • Yahoo Dee Men You Win (unregistered)

    It'd be fun writing the regex to find and replace these things, having to escape each '$', and many of them being substrings of each other.

  • löchlein deluxe (unregistered)

    Yeah, BTDT. Back when I was TA, I gave my students a bubble sort with variables named _ and $, all conditionals rewritten to ternary operators, and the loops condensed into one loop that would div and mod into two loops. I like to think it made them choose better variable names.

  • Appalled (unregistered)

    Try that ($ signs) in PHP, ha ha ha.

  • (nodebb)

    If I have to modify this, I'm getting my revenge by refactoring the names to A, B, C, D... I'm using I and O, too. And after I run out of 26: A0, A1, A2...

  • Duke of New York (unregistered)

    Code Rules Everything Around Me

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