• Corentin (unregistered)


  • Fr1st (unregistered)

    Frist !

  • (nodebb)

    Clearly "Hoofddorp" is not a city but a village

  • doubting_poster (unregistered)

    ah, epic store. it's good to see that besides it being a rushed, buggy pile of crap, it never got any QA either.

  • Brian (unregistered)

    While an unusually hot device can be a good indicator that something is wrong, I find it a little disturbing that "check your box's temperature" is the first troubleshooting step listed. Is your system really that prone to overheating?

  • Andrew (unregistered)

    Where can this toy line be purchased? I would buy them all for my fristborn child, use the word in the household, and then suddenly stop on their first day of school.

    This would serve to set the bar for the amount of confusion, pain, and aggravation that grade school afflicts on kids.

  • LCrawford (unregistered)

    Which came Frist - the toy line or TDWTF Frist commentators?

  • Frist kids (unregistered) in reply to LCrawford

    Clearly, that toy line is for the kids of the first generation of TDWTF commenters.

  • Angela Anuszewski (google) in reply to bjolling

    I just read about Hoofddorp on Wikipedia. Yes, you are clearly right about it being a 73,000-person village. A "main village", even.

  • brian (unregistered)

    And what is the Normal temperature the user is supposed to be checking for?
    But the WTF here is that the user needs to check that the 'broadband connection is up' and the 'broadband connection is down'.

  • akozakie (unregistered) in reply to Brian

    UPC user from Poland here. Not sure if they use the same equipment, but... YES.

  • Fire Marshal Bill (unregistered)

    Nope, the router isn't overheating. It's the appropriate temperature for electronics on fire.

  • (nodebb)

    That last one seems a little redundant. It's not suitable for fetuses--but what games are??

  • mihi (unregistered)

    In fact, I've seen that "maybe" popup on heise.de as well. When digging into it, it was a script loaded by an ad banner that contained an alert that printed the result to https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/HTMLMediaElement/canPlayType api - which can be "maybe". Don't remember which media type it checked, though.

    But honestly, who still does alert debugging in 2019 - console.log is supported by all major browsers and when you forget to remove it, it is not that obtrusive. (On the other hand, having a browser console open catches very funny leftover log messages sometimes...)

  • Benjamin (unregistered)

    I, for one, am relieved to know that someone has a Ph.D. in How to Stop Your Clothes From Smelling of Vaginas, Bum Cracks, and Testicles. I was really worried this was an understudied problem.

  • (nodebb)

    How to Stop Your Clothes From Smelling of Vaginas, Bum Cracks, and Testicles

    So I experimented with soaking my moldy gym clothes for a day or two in oxygen bleach before washing, and I discovered that it completely removed the moldy smell.

    Somehow I get the feeling that this procedure has nothing to do with the Ph.D.

  • Mikhail Kruschev (unregistered)

    "Best practices" is in and of itself an unending source of humour (and frustration).

  • Brian Boorman (google) in reply to Angela Anuszewski

    73K people is not a village. That's a small city.

  • Atomizer (unregistered)

    "Seven best practices you've probably never heard of" ... haha, that one was good!

    Oyxmoronic link bait is still the best.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Brian Boorman

    It's dark. Dark in the daytime.

  • Angela Anuszewski (google) in reply to Brian Boorman

    Brian, read the first sentence of the Wikipedia article.

  • somedutchperson (unregistered)

    In the Netherlands there's a different distinction between cities and villages. A city is a place that has been granted "city rights" in the past, mostly the right to their own courts. Thus, we have some villages with 100,000 residents, and we have a few cities of only a couple of hundred residents. Hoofddorp is a village. It literally means 'main village'.

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