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  • RLB (unregistered)

    So... Radek has connectivity problems, and therefore he decides to play a modern mass-market game of the kind which requires internet connectivity to access its DLC and micropayments? Why?

  • -s- (unregistered)

    So someone is actually using IE to browse the web :o

  • beef (unregistered)

    Hmmm, I wonder if Amazon maybe sells a book called "New York State Parks"?

  • Yeah right (unregistered)

    Why would one play diablo 3 which requires active internet connection when having internet connection problem...

  • (nodebb) in reply to beef

    Well, ebay used to sell "brain - new or used". So, what's wrong with Amazon selling "New York State Parks"?

  • (nodebb)

    The irony is that I would click any ad that looked like that, just to see where it went. And I very rarely click on ads.

  • Object delete. (unregistered)

    The customer# has been rounded according to the rounding at the customer's waist.

  • Just Me (unregistered)

    I thought Amazon got rid of their place-holder advertisements. It used to be they would serve up ads for whatever you searched for, but they got bad pr when people searching Google for slaves were informed that they could buy or sell slaves on Amazon.

  • (nodebb) in reply to BernieTheBernie

    what's wrong with Amazon selling "New York State Parks"?

    I believe it's unconstitutional in the State of New York for the state to sell any of its parks, much to the intense frustration of some corporations.

  • Anti-nonymous (unregistered)

    either many people submitted the ferry page ad.. or my name got anonymised..

  • Zeropoint (unregistered)

    Business is good when you've got 530 billion customers.

  • (nodebb)

    Q. What looks like a number, reads like a number, prints like a number, but is not a number?

    A. Customer Number.

  • Radek (unregistered) in reply to RLB

    I'm a dinosaur, I bought Diablo 3 not to long ago since I enjoyed playing Diablo 2 long ago. I wasn't aware that single player mode is so network dependent up until now...

  • ax6 (unregistered) in reply to BernieTheBernie

    And don't forget the Australian dude that put up New Zealand on eBay. And sold it for 3,000 AUD.

  • Whatever (unregistered)

    Iows XP onal

    We're not half-assing it.

  • doubting_poster (unregistered) in reply to DrOptableUser

    or order numbers, invoice numbers, part numbers, serial numbers, etc. I always hammer on people to please just handle those as strings, because they're not numbers. "But they have digits!" is the usual reply. So I ask them how to handle 2 * orderNumber - 3 requests.

  • (nodebb) in reply to doubting_poster

    And even if something is a number, it does not always make sense to perform any kind of arithmetic operations on them. One example comes from Feynman: one time he is shocked by a school maths textbook, giving temperatures of a few stars, and asking what is the "total temperature" of the stars together, as an "addition exercise".

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