• Prime Mover (unregistered)


    Who's taken away my TDWTF then?

  • 516052 (unregistered)

    Flash should have been made a world heretage thing by the UN and retained under permanent UN maintenance for the wellfare of mankind.

  • (nodebb) in reply to 516052

    Kinda jokey but there are so many old games and stuff online in flash done 10+ years ago that are abandoned that yes, it should have been. Just so those will still be preserved.

  • TS (unregistered)

    i18n failure.

  • Ollie Jones (unregistered)

    Maybe Yoyodyne, the builder of rocket engines for Flash Gordon's spaceships, will come out with some massive webAssembly hack to allow Flash content to keep being played.

  • (nodebb)

    Of course the real WTF is American dates

  • I dunno LOL ¯\(°_o)/¯ (unregistered)

    FLASH! A-AH! Savior of the Internet!

    Okay, maybe not so much.

    Of course the real WTF is American dates

    Yes, everyone should start using ISO-8601. (refer to xkcd 1179)

  • WTFGuy (unregistered)

    Yoyodyne goes with Buckaroo Banzai, not Flash Gordon. But if you want it built thoroughly WTFful, Yoyodyne is definitely the aerospace / defense contractor to call.

  • Anonymous') OR 1=1; DROP TABLE wtf; -- (unregistered) in reply to DocMonster

    Kinda jokey but there are so many old games and stuff online in flash done 10+ years ago that are abandoned that yes, it should have been. Just so those will still be preserved.

    archive.org has actually done exactly that for some set of Flash games. I believe they execute and render them inside VMs on the server side so that your browser doesn't touch anything Flash-related.

  • I dunno LOL ¯\(°_o)/¯ (unregistered) in reply to WTFGuy

    I'm partial to Luckup myself, they certainly know how to give you a little touch-up.

  • King (unregistered)

    Grandmaster Flash outlived Adobe Flash. https://www.songkick.com/artists/525055-grandmaster-flash

  • Best Of 2021 (unregistered)

    I really think it's wrong for them to have forcibly removed it. Freezing it and removing support (like Silverlight) is fair enough, but it is the technology underneath a large amount of content which has now been rendered permanently unavailable by an arbitrary decision by software vendors. That isn't right, even if third parties (presumably with no support from Adobe in doing so) have managed to create players which replicate most of what Flash was doing.

    They're used 'secuirity vulnerabilities' as a pretext. Imagine if browser vendors said they were no longer supporting JavaScript because it was the cause of so many security issues! And yet Flash is also the backing technology behind a lot of content, particularly games.

  • Bruce W (unregistered)

    The winner of Best of Flash is Homer Star Runner.

    Long live Strong Bad!

  • Remcoder (unregistered)

    "This allowed it to evolve more quickly for awhile, but goes against the very spirit of the entire internet. Long-term, we never want single companies — no matter who they may be — controlling the very building blocks of the web. The internet is a marketplace of technologies loosely tied together, each living and dying in rhythm with the utility it provides."

    So how do you explain the current prevalence of chromium based browsers then?

  • (nodebb) in reply to Remcoder

    @Remcoder: The person who wrote your quote is not Amit, the author of this dailywtf.com article, but the person he's quoting, Mike Davidson. Go ask him.

  • Vilx- (unregistered) in reply to Anonymous') OR 1=1; DROP TABLE wtf; --

    Actually it seems to me that they are using the Ruffle emulator and running it directly inside your browser.

  • Skull Kid (unregistered)

    The mythical world of the year '98 to '99. Morning announcements. The school Vice Principal: "And on this tragic day, I ask our student body to show respect and sympathy to those affected by loss."

    Me: "aww ... ... ... no more pico."

    Homeroom: "huh huh ... no more Pico."

    That spread until they found out the local police would shut down the school on suspicious activity, and was quickly overtaken by the inscrutable code phrase of "12 31 99 U DIE."

  • Don Wright (google) in reply to Remcoder

    It's worse than that. Almost every website, including US Government sites, use GoogleTagManager.com. Even the admin web pages in Zyxel USG routers link to GoogleTagManager.com. WTF‽

  • Worf (unregistered) in reply to Remcoder

    Chromium based browsers are only Chrome, Edge and Opera.

    WebKit is used by Safari and a few others, including Chrome as a derivative.

    Trident is dead, Microsoft killed it (Internet Explorer, old Edge).

    Gecko is still plodding along.

    The thing is, all web browsers are now basically open-source. There's a bit of compatibility between WebKit and Blink (Chromium) based browsers due to the shared history, but no one would argue that Safari, Chrome, Edge or Opera perform identically.

    Gecko is doing its own thing, as it's independently developed.

    They're all using a form of Web Extensions for the extension API making a standard for browser extensions that allow people to develop extensions for one and port it over.

    Safari has anti-tracking protection that aren't in any browser.

    They all support a form of WebAssembly allowing flash-like interactions using the JavaScript engine.

    The only reason WebKit is popular as a browser base is the reason Gecko isn't - Gecko was a mess, and Apple chose KHTML because it was nicely contained and can be integrated as a system component. If you're trying to make your own browser, forking WebKit or one of its derivatives is far easier to start as a base than developing your own, or forking Gecko. But each tree falls under their own maintainers - plenty of cross-pollination but each is maintaining their own tree.

    Also helps that the core of WebKit and Blink is LGPL, so it's all open-source.

  • (nodebb)

    I understand that Waterfox Classic still supports Flash games.

  • Teraunce Foaloke (unregistered)

    RIP Flash

  • my name (unregistered)

    i hope to one day to read an article like this about javascript.

  • dan (unregistered)

    The frustrating thing is that there are still some things that were easier to do as a user with flash than with html5 equivalents. Flashblock and flash click to play both were foolproof ways browser wide to stop autoplaying video/audio; and at that level of a specific site ad^H^Hcrapblocking a flash player to kill it dead just worked, while trying to block an html5 player is an exercise in frustration that frequently end with everything visible gone but the audio stream still playing.

  • 🤷 (unregistered)

    You know what's the worst (or best. or funniest) thing about this is? My Newgrounds account will be old enough to buy alcohol in every US state next year. That's right, I made a newgrounds account in 2001, and I still log in daily!

  • mushroom farm (unregistered) in reply to WTFGuy

    nope, Yoyodyne goes with Thomas Pynchon, first introduced in the novel V. The name caught on. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoyodyne

  • 516052 (unregistered) in reply to dan

    That's one of the reasons they killed flash. It's harder to block annoying adds without it. Remember, the IT industry is NOT here to serve us the consumers. It's there to make money off us.

  • (author)

    I noticed that the railway's IT team identified the root cause as "American company Adobe’s comprehensive ban of Flash". Not "our own inability to stay up to date (for reasons that would be politically unwise to highlight)". Not even simply "Adobe's ban of Flash". No, it was America that did this to us. That'll take the heat off!

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