• PenguinF (unregistered)

    The irony is that the first error message about the captcha appeared on this very website too.

  • someone (unregistered)

    What exactly does 0.770833333333333 have to do with metric?

  • Sandra P. (unregistered) in reply to someone

    0.7708333... times 24 is 18.4999..., which looks like the "metric" way of saying "half past six PM".

  • (nodebb)

    "AB" is two random (ok, arbitrary) Unicode characters.

  • Smithers (unregistered)

    0.770833333333333 days is 18 and a half hours. So I'd guess they close at 6:30 pm.

    So they're storing their opening and closing times as a fraction of a day and failed to properly convert one of them back again. Why would you even... wait...

    I blame Excel.

  • joy_to_the_world_its_over (unregistered)


  • Robert (unregistered) in reply to someone

    Multiply 0.770833333333333 by 24.

  • RobyMcAndrew (unregistered)

    I wish badly formed XML documents were rare enough to make headlines

  • HK-47 (unregistered)

    TRWTF is showing error output when you do not have valid XML.

  • Jere P. (unregistered)

    TRWTF is a stock ticker at someone's university. What's the use?

  • Junior of Juniors (unregistered) in reply to HK-47

    throwing malformed XML errors in released version, instead of earlier?

  • I dunno LOL ¯\(°_o)/¯ (unregistered)

    Programmer Barbie says, "Errors are hard!"

  • (nodebb) in reply to HK-47

    TRWTF is XML

  • eric bloedow (unregistered)

    that last one reminded me of one of my old computers: after a failed program installation, it developed a weird glitch: after installing ANY new program, the next time i rebooted it would say, "error: cannot find '/P'" this problem persisted until I did a full wipe-and-reinstall of Windows. (an old site i knew of liked to call that a "nuke+pave")

  • joy_to_the_world_its_over (unregistered)


  • joy_to_the_world (unregistered)

    Two weeks please, back to my real job!

    Soft internet porn, sort of!

    Good luck guys, I hope this helps.

  • HK-47 (unregistered) in reply to Junior of Juniors

    No, I meant SHOWING the error text on the (quite visible) output device during runtime instead of quietly logging it.

  • (nodebb)

    Ticket number 1337: "Support 6:30pm"

    Details: 6:30pm is displayed as 0.7708333....

    Fix by CodeGuru: INSERT INTO time_string (float_time, string_time) VALUES (0.77083333333333, '6:30pm');

    Ticket number 1338: "Support 6:45pm"

    CodeGuru assigns the ticket to CodeNewbie for training; refers to Ticket 1337 for guidance

    ... continue for a while ...

    Typical number of rows in 'time_string' at a typical customer site: 1440.

    But it is highly customizable according to customer needs, and also supports internationalization, and things like 'Lunch time', 'Tea time', and so on.

    CodeGuru is highly satisfied. Being friendly with PHB, their frequent topic of conversation is how the juniors these days don't appreciate the presence of such an immense wisdom and cannot learn from it.

  • (nodebb)

    V1 Shutdown in 2018? I thought those rockets only ran for half an hour or so, not 75 years. Talk about a program experience bombing.

  • (nodebb)

    Does this mean that they've finally digitised everyone's house number?

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