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    Regarding EVs, leaving the multitude of pros and cons aside for now - there are plenty of debates about that already - why don't these charging stations adopt the simple credit card payment system like self serve gas stations? What is it with the apps and accounts and web pages? I just want to tap my credit card, connect the cable, and be done with it. (Maybe it can have extra features like probably setting a dollar limit, or entering your cell # to get an SMS when charging is complete. )

    Addendum 2024-05-10 07:05: Optionally, not probably

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    Because everything these days has to have an "app" for "user experience improvements" (read: most likely tracking your activities).

  • data broker (unregistered) in reply to Mr. TA

    Such a cruel thing to suggest! How are those poor defenseless corporations supposed to make any money if they only provide services in exchange for currency? No, no, they need an app so they can build brand loyalty, harvest valuable user information, and many other profit-enhancing activities. Don't worry, it's all laid out in the apps' privacy policies, which are both clear and always respected, and you never even once have to worry about corporations skirting or outright breaking privacy law. So just install the app, grant it whatever permissions it requests, and then forget about it, please. My bottom line will thank you.

    (Breaking character: It's not like your credit card company is any better, and gas stations can track you using your credit card. EV charging apps provide more data but let's not kid ourselves into thinking gas companies are saints. Or the car companies themselves.)

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    If I undetstand correctly, that's EXACTLY what an upcoming regulation in EU will require. Although it will be a year or two before everything's upgraded.

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    And in the process, forcing you to have an Android or iOS device, which not everybody uses/wants to use.

  • uninitialized (unregistered)

    For the curious, thanks to shapecatcher, the characters in that Adobe version string appear to be:

    U+A610 - Vai syllable ndole fa U+2250 - Approaches the limit U+01F8 - Latin capital letter n with grave

    UTF-8 bytes: EA9890E28990C7B8 UTF-16LE bytes: 10A65022F801 UTF-16BE bytes: A610225001F8

    Who knows where those bytes came from. Uninitialized memory?

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    postcode 6906 in Western Australia is for post office boxes so it is a doubly strange installation address.

  • Joey (unregistered)

    WA means Washington State here in the US (and Kent is a largeish city in the Seattle area), but it is also the abbreviation for Western Australia, one of Australia's seven states. My wife, who is from the southern hemisphere, keeps joking that my address is <city name>, Western Australia, <zipcode> (I live in Washington).

  • Anonymous Coward (unregistered) in reply to erffrfez

    postcode 6906 in Western Australia is for post office boxes so it is a doubly strange installation address.

    Maybe3 it's a Men in Black II-style world-in-a-box situation?

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    Western Australia, one of Australia's seven states

    Six states (WA, SA, QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS), and two main territories (NT and ACT); there are additional territories (such as the Australian Antarctic Territory), but you won't see them often in practice unless you're doing polar research or whatever.

  • Robert Markus (unregistered)
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  • Robert Markus (unregistered)
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