Tim Y. is on Fire with this burn. "Competing teams inside Google? Or just the AI recognizing marketing tactics?"



Not to be outdone, the other big search conglomerate comes in for some anonymous criticism from a poster who says their name is "irrelevant". "I was suspecting for some time that bing is giving less and less reward points. But now it appears that they try to take them back." Maybe this is like frequent flier miles that the irrelevant binger was granted optimistically, prospectively, but which were then reversed.



Innocent Mike B. abroad in the siren land of Scotland, embarked on a modern oddyssey. "I was on lovely vacation, spending time in the lovely city of Glasgow. Being equipped with lovely phev rental car and german region in google play, I was thinking that charging vehicle wouldn't be a problem. It was. All charging stations want RFID of local provider. Or app. Which, of course, isn't available for your region. One provider was able to create a web page, that allows you to pay without an app. Two times it failed, holding 2x75 pounds (still not refunded). On the third try i was able to put 5 kWh into battery. But everything about metering and billing it was wrong (see screenshot). Interesting part: putting petrol in a tank worked 10 times out of ten. Charging electric vehicles is unlovely."



Befuddled Bruce R. doesn't recognize the double-shrugging four-armed alien glyph. "The latest version number of Adobe's DRM service doesn't seem very genuine."



Finally, clear-eyed Michael comments on this screenshot via Arista's customer portal: "It's immediately apparent what happened but honestly we expect better." It's not immediately apparent to me. I get the WA but not how the data center's street address got stuck into the middle of the aussie province.



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