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    I changed the language settings of my mobile phone from German to Norwegian (I need exposure to that language, as I want to learn it). The result? Some options are displayed in German, some in English, and others in Norwegian. It's really confusing and I doubt it really helps with getting to know the language. Because I found that just orient myself with the help of the icons, lol.

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    • Stuff that supports both German and Norwegian localisation displays in Norwegian

    • Stuff that supports German localisation but not Norwegian localisation falls back to English (whereas previously it was in German)

    • Stuff that supports localisation but doesn't correctly follow the system localisation settings stays in German (there might be a setting in the app to change the language, or if the app is linked to online account then it might be using the language set in the online account preferences)

  • Foo AKA Fooo (unregistered)
    1. The password is "%%password%%", duh!

    2. Clearly, this movie is a realtime documentary about the stars in the Orion constellation, so it can't be done before the stars are.

    3. The message is correct. They're trying to display the content in another language, but they're not really able to as we can see.

    4. I've just eaten a nice Blue apple with some Purple parts. Should I worry?

    5. Just made the same query and got the correct lyrics. So it's true, I won't get fooled again!

    6. reCAPTCHAs are often ambiguous. Apparently they know and thus allow a small amount of "errors". You can use this to intentionally make a few errors occasionally if you're so inclined. (I'd only do this if they're very annoying ... i.e. most of the time). Now let's see what I get when I post this.

  • Mattie (unregistered)

    I wonder if the incorrect lyrics is Genius continuing to mess with Google for screen-scraping their content without permission. Google-bot visits? Show the wrong lyrics entirely!

  • (nodebb)

    If the Captcha asked to click on all the "Busses," that would be more fun . (see "buss" )

  • (nodebb)

    Like a proper service desk employee would say (interruptions left out): "I understand you have a problem when you change languages. I can see that that is inconvenient for you and I'm sorry that it doesn't work as expected. Fortunately, I have a solution for you: Don't change languages. Thank you for your call, your call is very important to us. Please call again if you have any further questions."

  • Alex Papadumbass (unregistered)

    "If there are none, click Skip." Exactly what was the problem with the CAPTCHA?

  • Felix (unregistered)

    I'm sure you can find a CAN bus in that scooter. Give it some effort! ;)

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    Thing is: Even the Android settings (ie, the phones settings) are a mix of languages. For example, I have the setting "Anzeige" (German). Right under it, I have "Bakgrunner og temaer" (Norwegian). Then there's "Erweiterte Funktionen" (German), followed by "Enhetsvedlikehold" (Norwegian). Even worse: Sometimes the main button is in german (for example the google settings get displayed as "Google-Einstellungen") but when I click on it, everything's in Norwegian. So, not even the settings of the phone localized consistently. They did a really bad job.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Felix

    Can you get them with USB yet?

  • Felix (unregistered) in reply to urkerab

    Can you get them with USB yet? probably :) If not: https://www.amazon.de/USBtin-USB-CAN-Adapter-Evaluation-Board-SMD/dp/B00U42KYOG (also know as the central bus exchange...)

  • (nodebb) in reply to Foo AKA Fooo
    1. Great take at my error screen.
  • Zuris (unregistered) in reply to Alex Papadumbass

    The fact that it accepted the highlighted squares even though there was no buses in the picture, probably.

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