"Hmmm...Somehow, I can't seem to remember the password for this particular AppleID," writes Thomas G.


"The video will be finised processing in roughly 585 million years. (That's later than the lifetime of some of the stars in the Orion constellation)," David K. wrote.


Brian A. writes, "AWS Canary only speaks English, huh? Sure about that?"


"Every now and then, I change the language of my computer and here is an example of the result," wrote Beatrix W., "Not only does Apple mix German with English but the translations for the languages get confused too."


Bryan writes, "Apparently, you can be fooled again and again by the wrong lyrics for this popular song from The Who."


"When it comes down to it, captchas aren't about proving that you're a human, but rather proving that you're able to think like a computer. If you give the computer what it expects, then you've passed! (Image: verified!)" Daniel S. wrote.


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