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    //Paid by the comment Biotches!!!
  • Hanzito (unregistered)

    This beggars belief.

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    For once you (the buyer) actually get what you pay for. You don't get what you want necessarily, but you are getting what you paid for.

    Anyone using a LOC metric that has no QC on the delivered results totally deserves the fiscal raping they will justly receive.

  • TheCPUWizard (unregistered)

    This is what happens anytime the client is not doing proper independent reviews.... but it could be even worse (so much depends). I have done forensic analysis as an SME to give deposition/evidence if there was malfeasance, or simple poor practices (or things in between).. This could be evidence of the former.

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    Worse than "pay by lines of code" is paying by lines of code without demanding even a code formatter to be used.

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    1. Love the spelling mistake

    2. He wasn't aware about the clause that deducts lines that are not correctly indented and ended up owing them money.

  • Abigail (unregistered) in reply to R3D3

    If you want formatting, you should have picked the "pay by character" option.

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    This sounds like the code is straight out of a gotcha game lol

  • Officer Johnny Holzkopf (unregistered)

    Lines of Code. Get paid by them.

  • Sauron (unregistered)

    Those conditions checks in the code are just stellar!

    ((1>0) && (0<1)) || (((21+3)==24) && (3<=3)) || (0 != 1) is probably one of the most complex equivalent to true they could have thought of.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Hanzito

    This is exactly why I'm pretty sure this is real code and Brittany did find it somewhere. Crap like this - nobody can make it up.

  • Simon (unregistered)

    In Ada, the normal measure was the number of semicolons (outside strings & comments, ofc).

  • (nodebb) in reply to jeremypnet

    That spelling is intentional. It's a more light-hearted version of the word without the "o" included.

  • Anonymous') OR 1=1; DROP TABLE wtf; -- (unregistered)

    I'm gonna write me a minivan!

  • LZ79LRU (unregistered)

    In my experience offering to pay by the LOC is a good interview question if you are the kind to lay traps for people. Anyone who seems keen can go to the reject pile.

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    What company is stupid enough to pay by the line? It's an invitation for abuse! Also, they clearly didn't review the code afterwards, or they would have stopped offering this option...

  • nope (unregistered) in reply to Abigail

    you should have picked the "pay by character" option.

    you found the one and ONLY situation where spaces are preferable over tabs. chapeau!

  • Richard Brantley (unregistered) in reply to TheCPUWizard

    "This is what happens anytime the client is not doing proper independent reviews..." - This, completely. My most previous job involved a marketing agency that had sent all their web development offshore, managed by account executives who had no technical background. They just threw the assignment over a wall, and six months they got a web site back and they couldn't understand why they looked awful and ran poorly, and took such a long time to modify or update.

  • dusoft (unregistered)

    Misspelled bragging in the comments? Check.

  • Railguy (unregistered)

    The parent of the company I work for evaluates us based on 'escaped' defects/kloc. The "kloc counter" tool isn't that sophisticated. It'll treat code wrapped in a "#if 0" block as executable code. It will really only detects comments vs not-comments.

    Find a more efficient way to do something? Leave the old code in, just #ifdef'd out. Many other fun games get played.

  • Torgo (unregistered) in reply to Anonymous') OR 1=1; DROP TABLE wtf; --

    A true connoisseur of classic Dilbert. I approve.

  • Stuart (unregistered) in reply to Mr. TA

    Well, pretty clearly SOMEBODY made it up...

  • Duston (unregistered)

    This post is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very interesting.

  • Duke of New York (unregistered) in reply to dusoft

    It's not misspelled, it's phonetic.

  • richarson (unregistered) in reply to TheCPUWizard

    "This is what happens anytime the client is not doing proper independent reviews.... but it could be even worse" Yeah, they could pay the reviewers by lines read....

  • löchlein deluxe (unregistered)

    Well of course they didn't do a code review. If you did a code review, you might just as well do the coding yourself in the first place.

    (HHOS, from a place where coding is not a big enough part of the job to hire people based on their programming kills.)

  • DeeKay (unregistered)

    Devs should get bonuses based on number of lines of code REMOVED also.

  • LZ79LRU (unregistered) in reply to Railguy

    The real game is writing complex and confusing production code that is active but leaves the system in the exact same state it was before it started by undoing all of its own work by the end. And to do this in a way that passes code review. :)

    Like x = 1 + 1 but you write x = 1 + 3 - 2 + 5 - 1 - 4

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    That code could use more factories of factories, and as discussed yesterday every number should be its own constant.

    There are many ways to add more lines.

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    I also realize a typical strategy here is to find out how much the client is willing to shell out, and then pad to match that upper bound.

    Don't over do it too much because it may cause the client to start looking a tad too closely and ask questions.

  • kaejo (unregistered) in reply to Simon

    Put("Fuck my life"); Put("Fuck my life"); Put("Fuck my life"); Put("Fuck my life"); ...

  • LXE (unregistered)
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  • Superior Buses (unregistered)
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