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    1. I'll assume they're right. :P
    2. Probably just a case of bad rounding (a few hours in the future)
    3. That's some serious Mojibojibojibababakekeke
    4. Don't wanna bother with that one.
    5. Probably just a case of bad rounding (they actually get a few pennies ;)
    6. Wikipedia has an entry on "Layered coding". Never seen in it practice, but I guess it saves so much vertical space and keeps your LOC count high!
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    Thanks to GDPR, the alchemists of today (aka web developers) are trying to create the dangerous heavy metal of lead, instead of gold. Btw, do they start from gold now?

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    Endpoint security is great! And I find it astonishing that their product sees that the updated Updater is actually a threat. Because some hackerz managed to patch their Updater with malwarez. Unfortunately, Enpoint Security themselfes failed to detect that.

  • Gautier (unregistered)

    This is an API for quantum computers, with superposition of quantum documentations...

  • ex-kay-see-dee (unregistered)

    All corporate anti-virus/malware security software is absolute crap. Designed to prevent any work from actually getting done.

  • ThatGuy (unregistered)

    'Some writers have been calling it "unprecedented" but you and I know just how precedented it really is.'

    -- That's a good line. Well done.

  • Read-Only (unregistered)

    Unable to install anything at any time on your system, because it has been made "read-only" by Super Security. Your next monthly subscription payment is due in 3 days. Have a nice day!

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    The GDPR one is clearly from Salesforce. It was probably caused by their horrible deployment tool. When moving new code from your development environment it enforces a certain % of code coverage before it will deploy. Unfortunately they have no way to deploy newly added fields from the development environment (only code). So when you deploy you have to manually make the schema changes in production. So Salesforce is the real WTF here.

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    That last one just looks like classic "not configured for mobile" formatting.

    There's plenty of programming blocks with similar issues, e.g. code blocks getting scaled down to unreadable font sizes in order to fit 80 characters on the screen width.

  • Dnrb (unregistered)

    rhetorically, I find the theories about rhetoric questions very hard to understand :)

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    @Autction_God -- Why not use an AppPackage?

  • (author) in reply to R3D3

    @R3D3: agreed. The developers undoubtedly believed that reading their unmodified API docs on a phone would be obviously impractical. Structuring programming content for such small form factors requires deeper thinking than simply "reformatting"; it probably requires rewriting. Only someone who is committed to miniaturization on principle would even try. I don't really fault them -- I just found it funny.

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    "Likely Mini driver Sam B. grouses "Incomprehensible API documentation?" [...]


    He comes.

  • Px Bull (unregistered)
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