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    Text-wrap fail: [image]

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    Didn't wrap at that point for me...

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    I was just looking at the other page, at http://thedailywtf.com/articles/comments/meeting-halfway, where it was saying that it was showing the first 2 of 3 comments, and it struck me that it was actually showing the last 2 of 3 comments. Any comments, @discoursebot?

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    @Steve_The_Cynic - Days Since Last Discourse Bug: -1

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    What an awesome story. He's totally right, so many applications are so close to meeting a broader audience halfway; it's almost as if they've unlocked the door and maybe the door is even ajar, but it's not open far enough for people to be welcome.

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    Almost didn't notice that. It pretends to wrap correctly while the text is selected on Chrome. I wonder how the CSS styles... (opens up Dev console)... Wait, did the site just fix itself?!?! :wtf: How... Um... ... I'm going to sit down for a bit...

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    I guess the WTF is that he couldn’t tell it was 100% Accessible with VoiceOver. I should go make sure that’s in the metadata.

    (I used to read Daily WTF every day, so it was cool stumbling into this.)

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    You could have stated it more clearly that you helped design the game in question, I had to blink a few times before getting the context...

    Also, welcome!

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