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    Not sure how the algorithm got from one to the other, but the association seems to be regarding Meredith Brooks' 1997 hit single "Bitch"

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    Yeah, spoiler: There is only a few countries in the world where opt-out is a legal possibility. Most of those "opt-out" messages are actually used for user engagement; so basically to verify if the email address is not active and it is worth sending ads to them. So the best way to opt-out is simply to add the sender to your spam folder in your email client. You are using an email client and not some ad sponsored cloud solution, are you? :-)

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    Refer to this comment for details.

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    I was going to posit that the language one was sorted by ISO 639 language codes, but that's not the case either:

    bs/bos - Bosnian ca/cat - Catalan cze/ces/cs - Czech wel/cym/cy - Welsh dan/da - Danish doi - Dogri dsb - Lower Sorbian div/dv - Divehi gre/ell/el - Greek eng/en - English spa/es - Spanish est/et - Estonian

    So it does seem to be sorted by "the language's ISO 639-1 code if it has one, otherwise its ISO 639-2 alpha-3 code (terminological)", which is perhaps also the same "the language name written in its own language."

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    Sort? What's a sort??

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    For the opt-out one, look very carefully at the subject lines of the two mails versus their content...

  • Conradus (unregistered)

    It does appear to be sorted by each language's name in its own language:

    bosanski catala cestina cymraeg dogri dolnoserbšćina dhivehi ellenika english espanol esti keel

    Divehi does seem to be out of order; perhaps they used a different translation. Google Tranlate says "estonian" is "eesti keel"; so I bent it a bit to make it fit.

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    I suspect that this log file is actually just the captured STDOUT from a program that also writes out a proper log to a designated file.

  • Airdrik (unregistered) in reply to gordonfish

    or the cache rebuild task is connecting to another service (qliksense, maybe?), but the other service had a problem that was reported in its logs and the "Check logs for details" was in the response from the other service, reported verbatim in the cache rebuild task's log.

    Checking the other service's logs for details about why the request failed is SOP in a microservices architecture. And yes, that's a recursive operation - hopefully not more than 1 layer deep, but sometimes ...

  • priyadharshini (unregistered)
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    This isn't an opt-out from marketing (and in the UK those do work, at least for legitimate companies). It something that companies have started doing around events that may upset people - for example getting emails about Mother's Day events when your mother has recently died. If you opt out, you'll not get any emails about Mother's Day promotions or events, but you'll still get emails about generic sales and promotions, Easter, etc.

    Oh, and in the UK Mother's Day (or Mothering Sunday) is three weeks before Easter - 10 March this year - which is why these emails are coming out now. Though the first email not only has no button, but says "Father's Day" (which is the 3rd Sunday in June, same as the USA).

  • ratte2k4 (unregistered)

    Apeman: They are ordered by iso code

    • German - DE
    • Spanish - ES

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