An abstitution, an assortment, time travel, bad language, and an error'd.

First up, Jeremy Pereira pushes the boundaries of this column by sharing something right. "Sort of an anti-WTF. It took them 44 minutes to realise they'd made a boo-boo." They probably were notified, but it's still pretty good time to repair. Especially considering the issues we know of that last for years and years.



Snecod, Darren S. interjects "We had this bit of marketing from SmartSheet. The irony is that is was all about how to use tags to customise data or views."



Apeman Ford Prefect of Collation hooted "Perfectly (machine-)translated , except for sorting. German is called Deutsch auf Deutsch... Spanish might be Espagnol. What may be the local name of Welsh?" I know what it is, in Welsh, and it does start with C, but I don't think the original language of this list is actually Cymraeg.



While Wordsmith Sebas whined "Don't see how this is related." It's not.



Finally, junge Jurgen reflects on wording we all took for granted, until just now. "When an upload process failed, it told me to check the logs for more details. This is what I found: Prove that logs can also be recursive..."



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