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    Re: the last one. I once rented a small cargo van to help with a house move. As I picked it up, I made the mistake of not verifying that the mileage recorded matched the mileage on the vehicle.

    I dropped it off at the end of the day, after 15 hours, and discovered a six-thousand mile discrepancy in their favour, but they didn't try to charge me for averaging 400 miles per hour while I had it.

  • Paul Tomblin (unregistered)

    I’m never surprised to see yet another way Garmin Connect has found to suck. They’re terrible.

  • Joe (unregistered)

    the flash you are not

  • Kashim (unregistered) in reply to Steve_The_Cynic

    I had the same problem when I rented a moving truck (big 30' truck). We only had it for about 4 hours (short move, lots of helping hands), and they tried to say we drove it 400 miles during that time. They suddenly refunded things when I pointed out that the thing couldn't go 100mph even if it wanted to, nor did we rent the truck just for the sake of joy-riding it.

    Also, it looks like his average speed and average moving speed are just his resting and max heart rates, minus the rounding. Simple binding error.

    As for sameass being present: it was just a poor spelling of Seamus. Seamus is the nice irish guy who makes deliveries for them. When he is out sick, they have to use a shipping company, that's all.

  • Carl Witthoft (google)

    You sure "sameass" isn't a reference to ÂŜŜ ?

  • The incredible Holk (unregistered) in reply to Carl Witthoft

    That's a rather bold buttumption.

  • No Fun (unregistered)

    When the title of the post is an 'ASSume' pun but because the title gets displayed in all caps you don't get to see the puntention until you look at the source code...

  • jerepp (unregistered)


  • Loren Pechtel (google)

    What's so horrible about the sameass one?

    That's a simple typo coupled with poor grammar. It should be "sameas"--if the box for the shipping and billing addresses isn't checked then you need to enter the shipping address. That doesn't rise to the WTF level in my book.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Loren Pechtel

    In what language is "sameas" a word?

  • Dlareg (unregistered)

    To the "fastest man": No you are not! https://imgur.com/MxJZ8Jv

  • Loren Pechtel (google) in reply to Watson

    While "sameas" is not a word it's a quite reasonable field name. This is a sloppily written error message, not a WTF.

  • Chris (unregistered)

    What the hell happened in the last one? 17.36 miles in 7 minutes and 12.5 seconds is 144.5 mph. But as Kashim pointed out, the average speed and average moving speed are equal to the heart rates. Are they working out the distance based on time and avg speed, and somehow stuffing up the avg speed to be the heart rate?

  • Patrys (unregistered) in reply to Loren Pechtel

    I'd say it's most likely for billing "same as s[hipping]". It's common to enter shipping address first as it's most often the only address people care about.

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