• Ralph (unregistered)

    Restart My Day. Awesome !!!

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  • Robert Morson (google)

    Not sure what's wrong with that last one. Seems like a neat and compact way of displaying complex information.

  • Mr Firmware (unregistered)

    Atmel's director of product management said in no uncertain terms that the product selector MUST be configurable. And thus...

  • Friendly_Reminder (unregistered)

    What's wrong with the first one? The field is clearly labled "Additional Instructions". Why would anybody think that "Thanks!!!" is a valid instruction? What kind of action would the submitter perform if I told him to "Thanks!!!"?

  • Dlareg (unregistered)

    The first and the last I do not see a problem with:

    1. Thanks!!!eleven!! is not an instruction
    2. How else would you present all those individual options. I have used this site and it is very usable.
  • Friendly_Reminder (unregistered)

    The problem with the last one isn't that it's so overloaded with information. The problem is that every checkbox reads "Configure".

    Of course the REAL WTF is that I needed to solve SIX captchas (select all images with STREET SIGNS) to prove that I am not a robot. And yet, we have multiple spam bots posting under each article?

  • my name is missing (unregistered)

    This is not a valid comment. Please restart your day and try again.

  • Bruce W (unregistered)

    Next message: "My Day failed to restart properly. Restarting again."

    And now you have Groundhog Day.

  • operagost (unregistered)

    The programmer, rather than being a killjoy who dislikes anything approaching approbation, probably disallowed exclamation points because HAX0RZ.

  • Peter (unregistered) in reply to Friendly_Reminder

    Microchip recently purchased Atmel . With my usual poor timing, it was just then that I needed some technical information about an Atmel product which wasn't listed on their datasheet. Well, Atmel's website was nothing but a notice about the acquisition and a pointer to Microchip's website, and Microchip's website didn't have any knowledge about Atmel's technical support group (who had probably all left anyway).

    I went with a part from another company (luckily, there was one).

  • Sole Purpose of VIsit (unregistered) in reply to Friendly_Reminder

    Well, it's the World Wide Web. Sponsorship takes many forms.

    (Oh, and Thanks!!!).

  • 💩 (unregistered)

    While 1313533 hours is over 100 years on a single core CPU, if you had a six-core CPU, and installed Windows 10 with Cortana on it, it could conceivably clock up that much CPU time by running maxed on all six cores for just 25 years.

    The tricky part would be getting a Windows 10 computer with a six-core CPU to 25 years ago, but I'm sure we could figure something out.

  • Sole Purpose of VIsit (unregistered) in reply to 💩

    If we're going to think in that direction, consider how Siri/Cortana/Alexa work.

    It takes a lot of cloud based horse power to manage the parallel tasks of voice recognition and ML-based response.

    Perhaps that rather large amount of CPU time is nothing more than the admission that an entire data center was taken over for an objective real-time hour's worth of processing?

    Suggested query: "Cortana. What is the answer to the Meaning of Life?"

  • Dan (unregistered) in reply to Sole Purpose of VIsit

    No, just ask it to make tea.

  • Garry Bjorklund (unregistered)

    Hey Alex K, I told you not to use the error message without my permission. You went ahead and shared it on TDWTF anyway. Watch out, I'm coming for you!

    I'd congratulate you on your time, but I don't know which one you are...

  • Curtis Parish (google)

    You can write "thanks" in the Instruction box but the post office does not allow multiple punctuation marks.

  • Alex Papadumbass (unregistered)

    What's wrong with "Restart My Day"? "My Day" is the name of the program, so what else do you expect it to say? How is this any different from "Restart Microsoft Excel"?

  • Justwalkedby (unregistered) in reply to Alex Papadumbass

    Think deeper... there’s something about it that just does not feel right.

  • Alex Papadumbass (unregistered) in reply to Justwalkedby

    What exactly is wrong with it? "Restart My Day", I get that, but what is wrong with it?

  • Just Want To Reply (unregistered)

    So Shaun F thinks Cortana recorded all of his noise since before he was born, yet it is only 4.2 MB of data? Either Shaun F has been very silent his entire life, or Microsoft uses a new kind of compression that we don't know about.

  • I dunno LOL ¯\(°_o)/¯ (unregistered)

    ☑ Restart My Comments


  • Axel (unregistered)

    I wanna see the Build button for the My Day program. I'd label it:

    "Go ahead. Make My Day."

    And I'd use a pic of Clint Eastwood scowling out of the screen for an icon.

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