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    TRWTF is LinkedIn

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    I'm off to go follow Brad and Mr. Head.

    One of the problems with sorting is that data is not always referred to consistently. Here the author refers to Brad W. as "Brad" and Gear Head as "Mr. Head". Why the first name in one case and the last name in the other? At least there aren't two spaces between "Mr." and "Head".

    Addendum 2024-01-05 08:00: There's also the question of why the author chose "Mr." (as opposed to, say, "Ms." or "Dr." or any of the other fine honorifics that tend to show up on this site). But maybe there we can assume that the author has information that we don't.

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    All of these issues are caused by (1) Bad or no QA, (2) Bad or no bug reporting, (3) bad management, and (4) no one cares, or at least no one cares to listen to those who do.

  • Mr Bits (unregistered)

    Why disparage the Oxford comma? It reduces ambiguity. Isn't reducing ambiguity a good thing?

  • mihi (unregistered)

    DKB's new banking is truly bad. Not only can't they sort documents, but when you download them all, they get stored as some guid .pdf. Currently it is possible to go to "more documents" which logs you into old banking website, then go "back" from there to see the same documents neatly ordered with nice filenames when downloading ...

    TRWTF will happen when the "more documents" page also gets migrated to the new website...

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