It's a new year, but Error'd never changes. Still (mostly) the same contributors, still the same reliable return of NaNs, nulls, out of sorts sorts, bad date math, and a slavish adherence to the Oxford comma and two spaces after periods.

MFC (Most Faithful Contributor) Michael R. sings "Love remains even after the event is over at Tixel."



MFC 2d Class Daniel D. is planning a trip abroad, apparently. He notes: "Air France has special rules for phoning them. They prefer NULL before flights and INTegers during and after. Go figure."



Long-time listener, first-time caller Jonas P. has discovered that the fourth most commonly used sort order (Lexicographic, Numeric, Temporal, and RANDOM) is ironically the hardest one to implement correctly. Unironically, he says "My inbox from one of the largest German bank is sorted weirdly, and does not allow custom sorting. Strangely enough, the mandatory mobile app (same UI) has all messages sorted by date."



Job hunter (?) Brad W. uncovers a LinkedIn bug, observing "Those 10K followers, being mostly front end engineers, would be NaN *avoiders*, not NaN *followers*, I would think."



Finally, dedicated dispacer Gear Head appears to have found the same Linked bug, in a different manifestation. "You say I can add interesting content on my feed? Yes please! But I'm a bit worried how it affects my followers."



I'm off to go follow Brad and Mr. Head.
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