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    ­404. Brillant, Paula, just brillant.

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    Paging @Remy for cleanup on aisle five...

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    I wonder how Alex sells this place to this companies. Maybe by blackmail?

    Alex: either you pay or we start publishing articles about your products CEO: You can't do that to us, we're X!!! Alex: that "we-hate-oracle-club" category? My idea! CEO: meh! Nobody likes Oracle anyway. Alex: Oh, you want to play that game. I'll give blakey the community version of your product to see how it goes. CEO: Here, take the money.

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    This what you guys get for coming into unlisted article topics.

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    Somebody has to QA Paula's brillance.

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    Eh...I suspect @Remy pulled the article after she created the topic and he didn't clean up afterwards.

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    I changed the title and decided to let the slug change at the same time.

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    I’ve also seen “just copy the compiled DLL into a network share that everybody’s client app points to” deployments

    sigh That's actually one of the main deployment strategies for most of our apps. True, it's semi-automated (i.e. the "deployment" takes a zip of the target folder before shoving in the binaries), but other than that there's not much more to it.

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    I suspect that most of the time, application deployment is just miserable and everything feels nearly equally wrong. There's no real sense of “that's egregiously beneath the standard expected of Best Practice” that you get with the coding :wtf:s.

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    Thanks again to Puppet for [..] helping us bring more WTFs to you.

    By creating WTFs you can post about?

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