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    That's a strange lexical sorting. How can 8 be between 70 and 649? The whole sorting doesn't make sense. Also it's not unusual that numeric values are put in quotes, at least for JSON.

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    20/22 vision considered to be the best? Maybe this email targets the visually impaired?

  • SomeRandomName (unregistered) in reply to Melissa U

    Oh, this is good. The census data is indeed sorted lexically by density, but the values are then displayed as rounded numbers. So "8" comes between "70" and "649". "27","Minnesota","73.18202",... "50","Vermont","70.33514",... "30","Montana","7.64479",... "24","Maryland","648.84362",... "4","Arizona","64.96246",...

  • Ann on a Mouse (unregistered) in reply to nerd4sale

    Since they had the whole concept wrong anyway, it hardly matters. 20/20 vision is just normal vision, not “the best” vision — it means “from a distance of 20 feet you can see what a normal person can see from a distance at 20 feet”. You can have better vision than 20/20 — 20/10, for example, means you see as much from 20 feet as a normal person can see from 10 feet.

  • Kleyguerth (github) in reply to Melissa U

    It's not unusual in CSV either...

  • macnotabot (unregistered)

    for the french "required" field, simply lie, fabricate, and otherwise distort reality. Your name probably isn't even needed despite being required.

  • Behodar (unregistered) in reply to Ann on a Mouse

    So 20/22 vision is actually worse than normal, not "the best"!

  • löchlein deluxe (unregistered)

    Yeah, that eyesight scale is positively weird-but-logical. As somebody from somewhere where it's not used, I only ever heard "20/20" and assumed from context that it would be left eye, right eye on a scale that went (presumably from 0 or 1 as worst) up to 20.

    So I guess myopia means you can have 20/20 but not 30/30 eyesight?

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    1995 on that train ride?

  • Jeremy (unregistered) in reply to Behodar

    'So 20/22 vision is actually worse than normal, not "the best"!'

    And its getting worse every year it seems

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