• Dude (unregistered)

    Transcript link doesn't seem to work. Oh well.

  • Lorne Kates (nodebb)

    That's some top-notch reading skills, unregistered anonymous user. Good jorb.

  • Some_Other_Dude (unregistered)

    "Content Blocked by your Organization"

    Yay for Websense filter.

  • Lorne Kates (nodebb) in reply to Some_Other_Dude
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  • YellowOnline (nodebb)

    The one from goget.com.au is just incredible. Who on earth could think that guessing your own ID is possibly a good system?

    Addendum 2016-04-01 13:33: If only I could really edit my post :(

  • Lorne Kates (nodebb) in reply to YellowOnline
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  • YellowOnline (nodebb) in reply to Lorne Kates
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  • ben_lubar (nodebb)

    So this is why you couldn't come to the meetings, Alex? You were recording a radio drama about meetings?

    I am okay with this.

  • DocMonster (unregistered)

    I wanted to strangle Luke listening to that. What a toady.

  • Lorne Kates (nodebb)
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  • Clint G. (unregistered)

    Parts of this were physically painful for me to listen to having gone through nearly identical scenarios with my last boss.

  • Lorne Kates (nodebb)
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  • Matt (unregistered)

    I'm not sure what's the best course of action there.. Resign after the first mei interaction. Or bash her head into the wall ?

  • Nathan B (unregistered)

    Original submitter here - yeah, the personality of my now-former boss was spot-on. I will say, though, "Luke" was actually a really nice guy - very personable, helpful, incredibly smart, etc., and has a lot of potential. Under the right mentorship, he could really go places. He even came to me secretly from time to time asking for advice. However, my manager kept telling him that he was smarter than everyone and gave him preferential treatment all the time, so my concern is that he'll take that to heart, and the bad habits he'll pick up will hamper his career later on, which would be a shame.

    The team kept bleeding senior talent - nobody senior stayed in that group for very long, and my boss blamed that on senior developers that "didn't know how to deliver". She came to me proudly on my last week of work, after I said that it was a bad idea to have junior devs lead critical projects, and told me about the critical projects junior developers had led in that team before (it definitely showed), and exclaimed with a smile, "Aren't you amazed? It doesn't take much skill to deliver projects, just determination." I have written down and persevered all her insane quotes (some of which are in the drama), and have it handy whenever I need a laugh.

    For those of you wondering why I took the job in the first place, it was because the team sold themselves extremely well - I interviewed with quite a few people on the team, and they answered all my questions the way I was hoping they would. I have since adjusted my interview questions to be more subtle and to pay more attention to body language and other subtle clues to hopefully avoid making that mistake in the future. Looking back, I'm able to see some warning signs I should have paid attention to, but didn't for whatever reason.

    This was the time I was thankful I had a backup plan in place - I have a very talented recruiter friend that was able to get me out of that situation into a much better job in short order. It's crazy how many people I know who don't have such a plan in place in case their job goes sour - so when it does, they either find themselves stuck or forced to quit without immediate prospects.

  • Worf (unregistered)

    Crap, that was REAL!? Where in the world did that kind of management style come from?

  • Nathan B (unregistered) in reply to Worf
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  • Lorne Kates (nodebb)
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  • CoyneTheDup (nodebb)
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  • Nathan B (unregistered) in reply to Lorne Kates
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  • Nathan B (unregistered) in reply to CoyneTheDup
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  • Worf (unregistered)

    The other part I couldn't believe, was the way she handled the customer. I have to say that is either one very patient customer with not a lot of other options, too stupid to realize he doesn't have to take the abuse, or is there for another reason. I know if the company treated my custom that badly I would consider moving on to someone else.

    Well, whoever picked this one as a radio show - kudos. I don't think its impact would've been as powerful as a regular article.

  • Nathan B (unregistered) in reply to Worf

    Yeah, the customers were pretty much at our mercy, which is yet another reason (as if I needed more) I left. I don't believe in holding customers hostage - not good business practice, and goes against my personal ethics on treating fellow human beings. She insisted on being in pretty much every meeting with the customers, and every meeting was a confrontational nightmare - she would get the customers on the defensive almost immediately, assume incorrect things about what they were saying, and they'd have to keep explaining what they wanted over and over again until she got it. The few times I tried to help explain what the customer was telling her, she interrupted me and told me to not interrupt her and stop talking when she was talking, and then chewed me out in the meeting, saying that I needed to shut up and listen to the customers. I keep saying this, but it was so surreal.

  • Lorne Kates (nodebb) in reply to Nathan B
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  • Ex-lurker (unregistered)

    I'm surprised no one commented on Mark Bowitz's superb acting. That was the best silent guy by the water cooler I've ever heard. We couldn't even see him and he still managed to transmit exactly the emotions his character would feel in that situation.

  • urkerab (nodebb)

    I liked Nathan until he said, "You can't work with multiple database records without a loop."

  • Lorne Kates (nodebb) in reply to urkerab

    I'll take the blame for that. It's more along the lines of this:

    RequestedQty = 100 AllocatedQty = 0

    While (AllocatedQty <= RequestedQty && ExistsNextDBRecord) r = GetNextDBRecord() // do allocation from db record for PO Order adding to AllocatedQty Next

  • Lorne Kates (nodebb)

    Sorry for the formatting. You get it.

  • Chris (unregistered) in reply to Worf

    "One Flew Over a Cuckoo's Nest", perhaps.

  • eric bloedow (unregistered)

    reminds me of that crazy idiot "Mr. Kornada" in the online comic "freefall", who refused to to evacuate from a building in the path of a hurricane, because, in his words, "getting killed by a hurricane is not on the schedule, therefore it won't happen."

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