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    Lyle, you are TRWTF in the last one, since there are three words of interest here:

    • life (noun) == Leben
    • live (verb) == leben
    • live (adjective)

    Leben is not an accurate translation of the last one, which is the problem highlighted by the submitter. (Google seems to prefer "live" (or "Live-" in cases like "a live show"), but I'm not an expert on modern German usage, and there's a reason that I call it Goggle Mistranslate.)

  • Grammar Nazi (unregistered)

    ... well, for starters, the idiom is "Schönes Wochenende". The proper translation for "live" as in live stream is "live". Life as in period between birth and death is "das Leben". To live as in breathing, eating, digesting etc. is "leben". Neither has anything to do with what MS is putting us through (except maybe what comes after digesting) and thus has no place on the controls of a live stream.

  • Jason Stringify (unregistered)

    I'm wondering how MS expects Michael W. to send feedback without an Internet connection..

  • Hanzito (unregistered)

    Live in German is "live" (easy-peasy) or "direkt". Leben means "a life" or "to live/to be alive". Translating "live" with "leben" is what you get from a translation service that doesn't understand context. That includes human translators, of course. People who've relied on such services for localization will know that strange errors occur when you send in an Excel document with one UI text per cell.

  • RLB (unregistered)

    The literal translation of live as in alive is lebend, but I've never seen that used for broadcasts. For that, German mostly, AFAICT always, uses the English word. Dutch, too, 95% of the time (and in the exceptions we don't use levend, but rechtstreeks, tr. direct.)

    And then there's lebendig, which can be used for alive, but is more common for lively.

  • SAC (unregistered)

    I have to use Office365 or whatever it‘s called today.

    It is a hot mess. Yes, it‘s in the cloud, but still a mess. Whether it‘s Teams that forgets my PC has indeed camera, loudspeaker and a mic, or Sharepoint that allow me to create, but not to delete lists or Outlook, that is just the pile of unproductivity junk as it was before it was moved into my browser.

    I don‘t bother to take screenshots of all this anymore, MS won‘t listen anyway.

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    Whatever the ''this'' is supposed to reference to stays shredded in mystery providing no context whatsoever.

    I would say that that should be "shrouded in mystery", but with Microsoft, you really never know.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Jason Stringify

    Windows 10+ uses a combination of DNS (resolve dns.msftncsi.com) and fetching a file from a MS server to determine if you're online. Some Windows Universal Apps like WinStore use that as an indicator so you can have full internet connectivity and still get that exact same message when they validate before authenticating your account. Whenever you see network icon in the tray being a globe with a crossed circle in the bottom right you'll likely get this message if you try to use WinStore if you're using a MS Account with Windows.

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    Obviously, you'll need the Internet to post it to Error'd!

    Send a screendump to the printer, photograph the print-out on a wooden table, have the photo developed, and snail-mail it in. I’m sure your address has been in a data leak somewhere.

  • Manuel Hohmann (github)

    Well, the text "LEBEN" on the button is all uppercase, so how can one say it's an all uppercase version of "Leben" and not "leben"? Maybe it actually ends the stream, so the choice is to actually live instead of watching streams.

    Also I do not recommend saving the stream to disk, or you might get a "Kein Weltraum links auf dem Gerät" error.

  • Randal L. Schwartz (github)

    Dunno if you're just being cute, but it's not "Bing ChatGPT". It's "Bing Chat AI" from Microsoft, which uses gpt3 and gpt4 and dall-e behind the scenes but can give you current events, or "ChatGPT", offered by OpenAI directly, which uses gpt3 and gpt4 as well, but is stuck in 2011. They are separate products with separate features and advantages and pricing.

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    First, I want to call out overall this was a very entertaining error'd.

    With all the flaws we like to complain about Windows, I always remind myself that by most the TRWTF is often the PEBKAC.

    That's what happens when you put an inept tool in the hands of muggles who have no interest in understanding that tool.

    Also I came to realize recently there's an entire part of the young generation who has never experienced anything from Win 3.1 up to Win 98 or even Me/NT. It's hard for these folks to understand how Win 8.1 or 10 can be the pinacle of what Redmond had come up with so far, which should tell one a lot. And yes I didn't put 11 in that list.

  • kolik (unregistered)

    the solution to rdp problems is to not use rdp because it sucks. install some version of gnu coreutils for windows and find a way to run the crap you need to without a gui, then use ssh. unless you need to develop via rdp in which case learn vim and do it over ssh.

  • Neveranull (unregistered)

    You’ll need the internet for this comment.

    (How can I be frist to post this?)

  • (nodebb) in reply to kolik

    unless you need to develop via rdp

    Between the very end of 2003 and the very end of 2008, I worked in an office in London (England) using X-Windows to develop on machines in New York (in the US). Fortunately, we were able to use the "lite" version of Exceed, because using the full X protocol trans-Atlantic was ...

    Well, you know how we use snails as a by-word for things that are slow? Well trans-Atlantic full X made them look like Top-Fuel dragsters.

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