• Andrew Miller (google)

    Years ago a friend got a refund cheque from one of his utility suppliers, because he'd been over paying. He kept forgetting to bank it until he started getting warnings that there was an outstanding balance. He phoned them up and the helldesk operator said "Yeah the computer knows the balance is non-zero, but doesn't understand negative balances. Best to bank the cheque, or it'll issue a cut off order..."

  • my name is missing (unregistered)

    This comment will be inducted in inf time, which is still better than nan time.

  • Drew Wyatt (unregistered)

    When I changed mobile operators from Vodafone to Orange (Yeah, many years ago) Vodafone sent me a final bill for £0.00. Then a reminder. Then a Warning. Then a final warning, all for £0.00. After talking to their customer service team, the solution was I sent them a cheque for "Zero pounds and zero pence" and they could mark it as "payment received".

  • Modern Banking (unregistered) in reply to Andrew Miller

    TRWTF is that cheques are still in use in the US. I'm 40 years old, and have never seen a real cheque! Where I live, this situation would have been solved by the supplier asking for my bank account number, so they could transfer the money directly. (If they were unable to refund directly to my payment card.)

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    Presumably the $4.99 is the cost of sending a huge empty box...

  • Prime Mover (unregistered)

    My own approaching-90 father still refuses to bank electronically. He gets his pension every week in cash from his local post office (which is more and more getting to be a trek, specially during this appalling health crisis), and has to remember to write cheques every month to pay his utilities, and writes cheques to his various many descendants on every gift-occasion, and refuses to accept the fact that cash transactions are deprecated nowadays and cheques themselves are practically obsolete. (So much so that even finding a branch of a bank that is still open to pay a paper cheque into is a non-trivial exercise).

    The general viewpoint of non-Americans towards the general social and political practices of the US is that they are 50 years behind the times.

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    The Samsung thing looks like SPAM.

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