• bvs23bkv33 (unregistered)

    California contains terminators and democracy

  • Little Bobby Tables (unregistered)

    From the look-n-feel, the ROL Cruises one looks disturbingly like a website designed by a client of ours ...

  • (nodebb)

    Googling tells me that those teacakes have 440 kcal/100 g, which is ~511 Wh. So a laptop could run for quite a while on one of them.

  • someone (unregistered)

    I saw a story some time ago about that "known to the State of California" warning. Apparently it's mandated on anything that contains even trace amounts of any of upwards of 100 or so certain chemicals, some being fairly innocuous.

  • (nodebb)

    For those who haven't been paying attention, or possibly even don't drink the stuff, the latest circus-court battle in CA is over a suit to require all purveyors of coffee to post the cancer warning in their shops. As you might have guessed, the chemical in question (a) is in concentrations requiring you to drink at least a dozen gallons or so daily for years before being at risk, (b) occurs naturally in about 1E10 other foodstuffs.

  • Zach (unregistered)

    California is a very large state, yes it contains some of those chemicals. There is a 100% chance that it does

  • Alien in SF (unregistered)

    That californian health warning is the most useless ever. It is everywhere, gives you no indication of what the chemical is, where the chemical is or the magnitude of the risk, so there is no effective action you can take in response to it. What is the point.

  • Works as coded (unregistered)

    TRWTF here is that censorship attempt. AND for this site posting information that was obviously not censored well... That third picture really should be taken down to protect whoever submitted it.

  • Brian Boorman (google) in reply to Works as coded

    "Hey works as coded" - The submitter should be the one to decide what level of censorship of their own data they are comfortable with. Not some busybody nanny-state-loving protector like you.

  • RichP (unregistered)

    I love the normal California cancer warnings. "this product contains materials known by the state of California to cause cancer". So... California didn't tell Nevada? do we need to keep it a secret from Arizona?

    I like the approach this label is headed towards, though. Just put a big sign up at the boarder to California saying "everything in here contains something that could theoretically cause cancer if consumed at a high enough level for a long enough time. Have a nice day!"

  • (nodebb) in reply to nabru

    Too bad the energy sources are not compatible. Converting chocolate to electricity will generally be pretty inefficient because a lot of the chocolate energy will be lost as waste hear. Let's see.

    1. burn chocolate - boil water - run steam turbine - turn electrical coils of an electrical generator - power the computer. (Up to 30% efficient)
    2. burn chocolate - heat thermocouple - generate electricity - power the computer. (LOTS of waste heat as thermocouples do not source much current)
    3. eat chocolate - ride stationary bicycle attached to electrical generator - power the computer. (About 1% efficient, but much more tasty)

    Addendum 2018-09-14 10:01: Oops: lost as waste heat.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Nutster

    Also, In all these processes, most of the chocolate energy will go to waste. In process 3, some of the chocolate energy will go to waist.

  • Works as coded (unregistered) in reply to Brian Boorman

    It's not too much to place some burden of responsibility on a site like this to evaluate the content they distribute, especially considering this site is entirely dedicated to spotting technological blunders like this.

    I don't believe that qualifies me as "some busybody nanny-state-loving protector," but it's fine for you to say it does.

  • Wilbur (unregistered) in reply to Works as coded

    Yep, you can pretty much make out all the info that was poorly blacked out. Folks, do NOT use a fill tool to redact text. It fails to fill things like the center of an 0 and leaves pixel artifacts that show the outline of text due to antialiasing.

  • Gizmo (unregistered)

    The real WTF in the last one is that it should be "0 or fewer", not "0 or less".

  • A better warning label (unregistered)

    This comment contains one or more c̻͢h̙̣̱̳̬͇̹͟ém̲̣̭͠i̗̥͈̘ca̤̦̳̥͔͚l͓͕̤͙̺s̛̪͉̟ known to the State of Cancer to cause California

  • (nodebb) in reply to nabru

    So powerful, they were banned by the RAF.

  • (nodebb)

    The thing to try with those bandages, is order -2. If that goes through, then place an order for 1. That way you'll get your box of bandages and they'll pay you to take it.

  • (nodebb) in reply to cellocgw

    concentrations requiring you to drink at least a dozen gallons [of coffee] or so daily for years before being at risk

    Hmm. I might have a slight problem.

  • Andrew (unregistered)

    This is not a dailywtf that I used to know. Also California has this label on almost everything so it is no longer WTF.

  • NH (unregistered) in reply to CoyneTheDup

    If you order -2 then you are committed to sending them two boxes of bandages.

  • (nodebb)

    Well, Neil D., it does say right there that the quantity available is 0, so I can't imagine what ordering process you thought might actually be successful.

  • Chris (unregistered)

    California. May contain nuts.

  • Little Bobby Tables (unregistered)

    That last one is perfectly cromulent. it's programmed as "Enter quantity of {n} or less" where {n} is the number available. Simples.

  • (nodebb)

    RichP, Alien in SF, cellocgw: not sure if you guys understood the joke, but I will explain nonetheless

    "Warning [..] contains chemicals [...] known to cause [...] birth defects, or other reproductive harm." On a fetus-jar.

  • Physicist (unregistered)

    My favourite "State of California" warning was on the lead shielding on a high intensity Ge/Ga68 source...

  • markm (unregistered) in reply to Little Bobby Tables

    @Little Bobby Tables: The WTF is that they didn't program a special case to display the out-of-stock condition. Thus you get a page that a mathematician or programmer can readily understand, but most others can't.

  • The One Guy (unregistered) in reply to Flips

    Er, Flips? You're the one that missed the "joke"...

    If you pay attention to the wording of the label, it says that the State of California contains these chemicals, not that the contents of the container (which do not look like a fetus) contain these chemicals as like intended.

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