• SC (unregistered)

    The real WTF is that you published this article. You don't know what a majority is? You don't know the difference between an independent and an unaffiliated candidate? Legislation changes mean the export has to change but oh no that's bad right, because customer requirements should never ever change, right? And OMG some people use different ways of writing numbers not the way it's done in the USA and that's clearly a WTF right there...

    Seriously this article is genuinely beneath this site. For once, the Daily WTF itself IS the WTF. Very disappointed.

  • wtf@driesign.nl (unregistered)

    Canada and statistics.... The level of cultural sofistication is measured by the amount of seats on terrasses... No I kid you not! Canadian politics is totally bonkers. Canadians on the other hand are a pleasure to work with

  • ThaumaTechnician (unregistered) in reply to Zemm

    Now, if the US can only get on track with using ISO 8601's data and time format, I can spend less time swearing at American software that insist on using MM-DD-YY.

    Me: Why? Them: Uh, 'cuz it's the way you say it. Me: Well, you say "ten minutes to twelve, but you don't write it 10:12."

  • A Guest Robot (unregistered)

    Luckily, Russian DBAs are both efficient and consistent in their schema design so we don't see this problem in the US election data.

  • Steve in Calgary (unregistered)

    Another pet-peeve is how people misunderstand the role of the party in UK and Canadian national parliamentary voting. There is none. You vote for the Candidate only, you do not vote for the party.

  • Zenith (unregistered)

    Except when the Russians are pumping data into a system designed by Indians that uses seven different date formats because reasons.

  • Parametamolcil (unregistered) in reply to Timmy

    Couldn't they just send the Quebecers back to France and simplify things?

  • Avium (unregistered)

    Having worked for the federal government of Canada, this is standard operating procedure. Table 12 is probably created by merging the exported data from a number of Excel and Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets along with Access and Approach tables - from a whole bunch of departments.

    Yes, the federal government of Canada used the Lotus SmartSuite. And I bet that some of those "applications" are still in use.

  • RLB (unregistered) in reply to Mr Bits

    No, you should be laughing at those who still call it "military time".

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