• Willy (unregistered)

    Asking me not to plug something into a TV because it crashes the whole hotel is like asking me not to push a big red button or touch wet paint

  • Birion (unregistered) in reply to Willy

    Plug it in right before you leave. What are they going to do, kick you out?

  • (nodebb) in reply to Willy

    asking me not to push a big red button or touch wet paint

    Cleaning your finger off afterwards is annoying, so it's best to leave the paint alone anyway.

  • (nodebb)

    yak abba-abba-abba

    I had no idea Zelenskyy was such a fan of Abba

  • (nodebb)

    What's wrong with the Southwest One? It clearly states that point redemptions aren't shown - so the total could very well be correct after taking those into account. the WTF may be "why don't they show redemptions?"

  • Alex Zuroff (github)

    There's a very long discussion on the HDMI/Hotel sign over on reddit, if anyone needs something to do for a few hours - https://www.reddit.com/r/LinusTechTips/comments/10asi0v/can_anyone_think_of_a_reason_hdmi_can_crash/

  • whitewalter (unregistered)

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