• wizzleard (unregistered) in reply to Gus

    agree with watchman - sounds like you don't know how to act. it takes more than a bunch of sheldon coopers to actually run a business.

  • Herr Otto Flick (unregistered) in reply to Watchman

    It should be fine to tell your boss "You are wrong, and it should be done like this". It's doubly fine for her to then say back "I don't care, do it the way I said". If you then subsequently don't do it the way she said, that's really really bad.

    OTOH, its more bad that he was working on this for months (!) without his boss knowing what he was working on that week and how many tasks remain and what they are.

  • Spencer (unregistered) in reply to Dub

    The ants are super weird. Why did they need a picture of ants in a sewer so bad that they photoshopped together this monstrosity?

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