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  • Little Bobby Tables (unregistered)

    Ho ho ho. Now go.

  • K. (unregistered)



    Uh, oh... No no no no no.

  • Little Bobby Tables (unregistered)

    Yes, thinking more on this, I can see that would work quite well.

    "Terry, what do you want for Christmas?"


    "Terry, what's your favourite form of thatre?"


    "Terry, what's your financial status, you in the black or in the red?"


    "Terry, what's your favoured technique for making garments?"


  • Church (unregistered) in reply to Little Bobby Tables

    Well played. I chuckled.

  • (nodebb)

    Definitely some 1980's hardware in the image for a story from the 70s.....

  • (nodebb) in reply to TheCPUWizard


    Definitely some 1980's hardware in the image for a story from the 70s.....

    "Oh, no!"

    That ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is your take-away?


  • (nodebb)

    Why am I thinking of a bunch of alien cops that look like rhinos?

  • Argle (unregistered)

    "Terry," if you're still in the profession 40 years later and reading this website, I will let you know that when I submitted the story, you were male.

    Argle "still helping noobs" Bargle

  • Argle (unregistered)

    Oh, a fun aside to that story: Someone made yellow vests with "Lab Asst" embroidered to the lapel area. We were supposed to wear them on the job. Naturally, the "t" disappeared from them after a time.

  • Marcin (unregistered) in reply to Nutster

    That's the thing I was being tortured with! A rhino policeman! Yo! So... No!!!

  • (nodebb) in reply to Argle

    It's a miracle the t was sewn on in the first place.

  • (nodebb) in reply to Argle

    So Argyle: this Terry/Theresa --- is she the Mechanical Engineer I knew (professionally)?

  • Argle (unregistered) in reply to cellocgw

    No, his real name isn't even close. He and I moved on from that dopey help job to doing Fortran program in aerospace. One tiny WTF was the day he hauled me into a lab and showed me a box with an artificial horizon on it. He picked up the box, spun it around a bit and then set it back on the table and we watched in amusement as the ball lost its mind and spun randomly in its socket. I said, "dude, if that's in a plane that does that, I guarantee that the pilot won't take the slightest interest in that ball."

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  • K (unregistered) in reply to Argle

    It has me wonder... I was getting a bit suspicious of the gender distribution in the stories before.

  • (nodebb)

    Didn't YoSo OhNo break up the Beatles?

  • eric bloedow (unregistered)

    oh, you reminded me of this crazy story:

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