• LOL (unregistered)

    I like it! (First!)

  • TruePony (unregistered)

    The headphone story reminds me of how when I was in college, I bought a tiny fridge capable of holding just a few cans of soda. Turns out the main market for those are mothers storing breast milk. Based on my recommendations for the next few years, Amazon was positive I was a woman and had young kids.

  • huh (unregistered)

    Well, at least the bra is wireless...

  • (nodebb)

    While some guys seem to like putting bras in a similar position to headphones, it should not be considered its primary purpose and the entry for that item should be reviewed for accuracy.

  • (nodebb)

    As for the prescription payments: 1) Man, that is a tiny co-pay for your prescriptions. 2) That rounding error is what can happen when you do the math using Doubles, and then not round the result to display.

  • Yazeran (unregistered) in reply to Nutster

    Yes exactly, but using doubles (or anything else floatng point) for anything relating to money IS a WTF!

  • Prime Mover (unregistered) in reply to Nutster

    I'm just feeling a little sorry for the women whose build is such that they can use a pair of headphones as a bra.

  • Anonymous') OR 1=1; DROP TABLE wtf; -- (unregistered)

    After month 7, the service provider issues a charge of $NaN to your credit card on file. Since NaN is not greater than your remaining credit limit (because all comparisons with NaN return false in IEEE-754), your credit card company allows the charge, thereby subtracting NaN from your credit and leaving you with NaN remaining credit.

  • Shill (unregistered)

    I've used those headphones. They don't work very well, but you don't care.

  • Viktor Lebedev (unregistered)

    The bra-phones look like the result of using a (inaccurate) neural network for image recognition.

  • (nodebb)

    @AnonymousTabledropper Will only happen when the Bankaccount has a nullable money-property. Which would be more hilarious then double(-or-nothing) your money.

    @Victor The image-recognizer was just one neuron off, to be able to recognize color :P

  • Somebody Somewhere (unregistered)

    What if I watch Just Chatting, but secretly hate every minute of it?

  • Raul (unregistered)
    "Sure, free for the first six months is great, but what exactly does happen when I hit month seven?" Stuart L. wrote.

    They take your grandma away, for all of thereafter. It's this sort of a "pay with your firstborn" fae deal but in the other familial direction.

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