"Sure, free for the first six months is great, but what exactly does happen when I hit month seven?" Stuart L. wrote.


"In order to add an app on the App Store Connect dashboard, you need to 'Register a new bundle ID in Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles'," writes Quentin, "Open the link, you have a nice 'register undefined' and cannot type anything in the identifier input field!"


"I was taught to keep money amounts as pennies rather than fractional dollars, but I guess I'm an old-fashioned guy!" writes Paul F.


Anthony C. wrote, "I was looking for headphones on Walmart.com and well, I guess they figured I'd like to look at something else for a change?"


"Build an office chair using only a spork, a napkin, and a coffee stirrer? Sounds like a job for McGuyver!"


"Translation from Swedish, 'We assume that most people who watch Just Chatting probably also like Just Chatting.' Yes, I bet it's true!," Bill W. writes.


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