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    asdf is a pretty weird variable name for me, too, but I type AZERTY, so the "equivalent" of asdf would be qsdf. (It's always entertaining seeing what MMORPGs will do if I set them to English language. Some continue to use WASD as the movement keys, which is seriously messed up (W is below the row containing S and D...). Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 use the physical keys that are WASD on a QWERTY layout, so automatically use QZSD.)

  • Krzysztof Słychań (google)

    The multiple puns behind this post make it nothing butt a masterpiece :D

  • Jaloopa (unregistered) in reply to Steve_The_Cynic

    Sonic Heroes had a super lazy PC port where the default controls were mapped directly to the XBox face buttons. i.e. A, B, X and Y for the four main actions

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    My favorite code comment so far:

        // no more gaysex with the image size
    CGSize newSize = [UIImage preferredImageSizeForMessageFromSize:message.attachment.image.size];
  • Succubus (unregistered)

    My coworkers sniggered at "analIn" and "analOut" (which stands for "analog signal in" resp. "analogue signal out", you perverts!)

  • Dave (unregistered)

    I have encountered a circuit diagram for an ADC with "Spare Anal 1", 2, 3 etc. However thanks to hungarian notation I also received masterful variable names such as iRequestedHead and iReceivedHead.

  • Hello World (unregistered)

    I once added two fields to a table for storing how many times an SLA Update was missed (updatesmissed) and how many times it was hit (I think you can guess...)

  • Bonkey (unregistered)

    Best class name I ever had was one involving our concept of handlers for GUI actions. So we'd create class to handle certain events. ButtonPressHandler, ClickHandler, WhateverHandler, etc.

    We were also doing pair programming. And we had to start implementing a Panning tool. Before we created the class name, I looked at my other half in the pair and said "Do you realize what the class name is going to be?" After a short pause we both laughed.


  • Ross (unregistered)

    This is clbuttic.

  • Ah the wonders of abbreviations/cryptic command and imagination (unregistered)

    Ah.... our BI server in my last job was called lasiebelanlprod-01

    We also had this written our IT white board for several years with noone else the wiser

    touch grep mount fschk fschk umount sleep

    The inner 13 year old was strong in that IT department.

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    I once ended up with a member function (for receiving notifications of a particular kind of window destruction) destroyingTheLastChild(someParameters).

  • Bonkey (unregistered)

    One more.

    One of our server admins decided to name the development servers after motorcycles. So you'd connect to Triumph, Ducati, etc.

    Then one day a QA person that probably weighed 500+ pounds was offended to the server named Fat Boy.

    It was a non issue but he did say something about it.

  • Whatever (unregistered)

    I had some script do some code generation, and got name clashes which made me change the script to prefix enums with E. I was surprised and amused by the resulting Erectification enum.

  • ooOOooGa (unregistered)

    I was in college taking a course in web programming. I was writing an html form that used javascript for form validation and to implement a 'form reset' button. I couldn't get the reset button to work. Finally I figured out (at 11:30 p.m. the day before it was due) that 'reset' is a reserved word in javascript. So I renamed the function 'eviscerate' and everything was fine.

    The instructor docked me 5 points on the assignment because of my function name.

  • South Hampton Institute of Technology '13 (unregistered)

    It's clear a "Streamed Analyze Data Needed Where It Can Help" (sandwich) objectis also needed for the class.

    It would let the developer evaluate the shit.sandwich() to reduce the logic.

  • Anonymous') OR 1=1; DROP TABLE wtf; -- (unregistered) in reply to South Hampton Institute of Technology '13

    Isn't that a SADNWICH?

  • Mike C (unregistered)

    I think those variables need to fan-out to multiple arrays to increase the number of hits.

  • Greybeard (unregistered)

    This gave me a flashback to 1976 when I saw a line of COBOL which is perfectly legal with correct variable and routine names:

    Perform Sex from Morning to Night until Exhausted

  • Icon (unregistered)

    I once worked with someone on a Visual Basic application used for calibrating devices. The name of the main routine was appropriately called Big Damn Loop.

  • Alex Vincent (google)

    Looks like the crap really hit the fan... and fertilized this file but good.

  • SD (unregistered)

    Some of our old IBM (iirc) pseries boxes had a small led one line display on the outside of the cabinet for terse boot progress and error codes. We figured out how to write to it and spent Friday morning writing a scrolling routine. We then went to the pub. Upper management took it upon themselves to show some visitors round the server room. Not entirely sure why we got a bollocking: none of them should have had access and the text could have been a lot worse than "Help me, I'm trapped in here!!!"

  • Still Not Allowed to Name Things (unregistered)

    Back in the late '90s and early '00s, I was a sysadmin for a small ISP in the midwest. We were expanding quickly, so I needed a naming scheme for our servers. In a flash of genius I decided to take names from nearby cities, starting alphabetically from A. I would pick the nearest city starting with the next letter, which also could be used as a short-ish server name.

    The server's names were not publically facing; most people just saw the www, ftp, news and mail aliases, so I started with the name servers, starting with A and B, then the mail server starting with C, etc. Except when I got to C, I was a little naughty in choosing the name. Much snickering was heard as my boss enjoyed the in-joke as much as I did.

    For a long time, nothing special happened. Our company was bought out by another, our servers came with us.

    Then, the new owner's daughter called our tech support, frantically claiming she had caught the "Climax" virus on her computer. We calmed her down, added the domain to her outgoing email address, and soon changed the mail server configuration to not use that name anymore.

    Yep, I gave the mail server the name "Climax". Yes, the ping tests were hilarious.

  • Pil (unregistered)

    I've worked on a code that displayed worksheets, originally written by a developer that English was his 3rd language. He found the difference between 'i' and 'ee' very confusing, So we had a lot of variables named shitWidth, shitHeight, etc.

  • A Simple Denomination Friend (unregistered)

    I guess, asdf is just short for 'area's definition'. Straight to the point and easy to understand, isn't it?

  • clean (unregistered)

    so much for clean code

  • oo-err (unregistered)

    I once inherited the code for an embedded device that was taking readings from lots of analogue sensors.

    Yes, the ADC readings were stored in variables called anal0 to anal13. Oh, how we laughed...

  • Guestmonkey (unregistered)

    It's unrelated, but I was perusing our ancient Lotus email database and found a user named "I.Poundass"

  • eric bloedow (unregistered)

    that last line reminded me of an in-game-spammer (who spammed the games's chat with advertisements) who had the username "asdfasdf".

  • Axel (unregistered)

    I won't say what I was doing when I read this article (on my smartphone), but I will say this, without abash, it was very ironic.

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