• Sole Purpose of VIsit (unregistered)

    I presume the complaint on the last one is that "Mouvement Democratique" should be abbreviated to MoDem, not to Modem. Seems a little picky if you ask me.

  • No frist for you (unregistered) in reply to Sole Purpose of VIsit

    Good job preventing FRIST comments under this article!

  • bvs23bkv33 (unregistered)

    its thidr comment but its GMT +2

  • Merus (unregistered)

    Brandon seems to be confused about the prospect of there being three different sessions for that webinar.

  • David Hemming (google)

    Yep, can't see anything wrong with the Azure screenshot. Could Brandon let us know why the concept of "pick the session that fits your schedule" is WTF to him?

    Actually, perhaps Mark could explain why he included it. Unless the Friday roundup is literally "every picture we've been sent this week"...

  • Friendly_Reminder (unregistered)

    On a totally offtopic side node, I'm happy to announce that the capital ẞ (that's a capital "Eszett" in case discourse doesn't allow it) now is part of offical german orthography! YAAAAAY!

  • Dude (unregistered) in reply to David Hemming

    I believe the issue with the Azure shot is that the header says 'Change Time Zone', though it clearly is to pick a slot for the webinar. Just poor positioning of the helper link (I presume it's a helper link, anyway) combined with no actual header text.

  • Benjamin (unregistered) in reply to Dude

    "No actual header text," except for the word "Register" in large font, right?

    Brandon is TRWTF

  • (nodebb) in reply to Friendly_Reminder

    Don't worry, we're not using Discourse anymore.

  • (nodebb)

    Well, I'd be in mode colère if my modem broke down.

  • Wenike (unregistered) in reply to David Hemming

    Or perhaps he's in the part of the world (hence the GMT +1) where the dating scheme is dd/mm/yyyy vs mm/dd/yyyy and he doesn't know which scheme was used.

  • Friendly_Reminder (unregistered) in reply to ben_lubar

    Thanks for letting me know. I was actually surprised the letter got displayed correctly and not like ẞ

  • Friendly_Reminder (unregistered) in reply to Friendly_Reminder

    But a preview button would be SO NICE TO HAVE. Of course I tried displaying ẞ with the HTML code &#7838, but since this isn't discourse anymore, this actually displays the correct character as well.

  • NotBrandon (unregistered) in reply to David Hemming

    Not a big WTF, but the query centres on 7/6/2017. In GMT+1 (UK BST) that is 7th June, in USA it's 6th July.

  • I'm not a robot (unregistered)

    TRWTF: I copied that link on my phone and tried to paste it into the URL bar, and Swype immediately turned the last character into an S

  • operagost (unregistered)

    Modems have made me angry far more often than the converse.

  • Rick (unregistered)

    Can someone explain the first item to me? Is the WTF the fact that it's a broken image link? The "sixnines availability badge" would be for high availability, right? (ie: 99.9999% uptime.) What does that have to do with "special 31 seconds a year"?

  • Bruce W (unregistered)

    During my BBS days my modem was often in angry mode.

  • Kevin Jordan (google) in reply to Rick

    The special 31 seconds a year would be the .0001% of downtime.

  • foxyshadis (unregistered)

    Higher than normal number of idiots who only look at the pretty pictures and not the text right next to them, today.

  • Richard Wells (unregistered) in reply to Rick

    That was at the bottom of a blog post. I found it amusing that the image for the "sixnines availability badge" was, itself, unavailable.

  • Rick (unregistered) in reply to Kevin Jordan

    Thanks Kevin Jordan and Richard Wells, that makes more sense. I get the humour now, that someone has a badge for high uptime and the badge image itself wasn't served. The 31 seconds comment threw me, I didn't think of it being the percentage downtime.

  • Oliver Jones (google)

    Oh, Atlassian's discovered my software release scheduling secret. If you have to ship something in Q3 but you don't have time, just schedule it for September 47th.

    Shoulda patented that. Oh well.

  • DateFormatMyElbow! (unregistered) in reply to NotBrandon

    Not a big WTF??? It's the biggest WTF ever! And it's all over the Internet. You could make a DailyWTF entry every single day about this problem.

    The world is not the USA and the USA got date formats SPECTACULARLY wrong. This insanity infects everything.

    There are ways to fix this and yet nobody uses them. And then there are people who don't even know the problem exists. Wow.

  • Sentient parabola (unregistered) in reply to Sole Purpose of VIsit

    The WTF is the crop job, I believe.

  • Obat Keloid Di Apotik (unregistered)

    But i cant

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