"Canada? Yes! At least they got that one right!" Steve M. writes.


"Photoshop...what exactly would you say that it is that you DO here?" writes Scott.


"Oh crap, now I've seen it. Now what?" wrote Quentin G.


Wiebe H. wrote, "Apparently, working for Google is stressful enough that even the servers have started drinking."


Nate writes, "Wait. I need to log in to log out? Ok, I guess it sort of makes sense."


"Looks like there's something else to do beside figuring out why the app crashed," Eric wrote.


"Saw this on an ASCII art website," David G. writes, "What should be never happened, be happened anyway."


Hans-Peter wrote, "There is no other store than 'The Store'. Bow to the might that is The Store! ...probably"


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