"After dialing Lenox's toll-free number," Tim Wilde wrote, "I encountered an error message being read to me by a friendly female computer voice. At least the URL it read me was using RFC1918 IP space... though I would love to be able to visit it and find out what I was missing on the actual call!"

(download mp3 file)

UPDATE: Reader Brian "Benanov" Kemp shares this fun remix.


Jacob reports, "there's some rather strange happenings in the Greater Philadelphia area according to this story from NBC10"


Not to be out done by some news website, Jim Mercer sent in this picture from the front page of Dubai's The National.


"These two motherboards that NewEgg is selling have some rather interesting features," Steve K, "luckily, I was able to resist the urge to comprehend them."


Mike wrote, "I suppose this resolution would work on just about any problem, not just PictureIt!"


"This window came up while I was searching for a business ethics course," an anonymous reader wrote, "I was left wondering if the Old English version might include Medieval ethics... although Ancient Egyptian might be more interesting."


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