"I guess eight of the ports are English-only," Andrew G. wrote.


"So, this means that nothing is expiring...right?" wrote Chris.


Steve L. wrote, "Hey AT&T! The 'Trim' function in JavaScript would work GREAT here."


"Um, can I opt out of the sale on this power meter?" wrote Scott.


"VS2010 was gracious enough to perform 916061759 more tasks than I wanted," wrote John A.


"You're welcome...I guess," writes Andrew.


"I don't think of this as an error so much as a reminder for some certain someone who, you know, might forget to insert their memory card," Alex G. wrote.


"This mobile TV was set up for people to watch World Cup matches outside Birmingham's Bullring centre, but it looks like it isn't quite ready for the opening match yet," writes Stuart D.


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