"All I wanted to do was to unsubscribe from Credit Sesame emails, but instead I got more than I bargained for," writes Shawn A.


Mike R. wrote, "Sure, Simon Rewards, I'll click the button to update GlassWire, but only if there's a reward in it for me."


"This blue screen ad campaign is really convincing. I'm sold!" writes Roger K.


"I hope it's just a quick coffee run," wrote Jeremy E.


Ben writes, "It's good to see Windows XP reliably running ticket machines in the Southern Rail region of the UK ( picture credit to Gil Tompkinson from Brighton)"


"Jerusalem Central bus station has installed new automatic ticket machines which is nice," Eugene F. wrote, "I certainly would like the interface to be at least a little bit more descriptive though."


Phil wriktes, "A colleague was driving behind a van labelled with farmersmeats.co.uk - so we decided to check out their site. However based on the 'Latin' descriptions alone it is difficult to tell each meat apart."


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