Tony works in a shop that makes extensive use of XMLDocs comments. Now, it's no surprise that many of the comments take the form:

/// <param name="MyParam">My param</param>
public void Foo(int MyParam)

Which yes, renders the documentation useless. Fortunately for Tony, some of his predecessors took steps to render the XMLDocs worse than useless.

/// <summary>
/// Nothing
/// </summary>
/// <param name="SourcePath">The source path.</param>
/// <param name="DestinationPath">The destination path</param>
/// <param name="Options">The options.</param>
public string CalculateHash(string SourcePath)

Three documented parameters for a function which accepts only one parameter.

Now, I would assume that something in their build chain would be outputting warnings about this. My hypothesis is that this codebase outputs so many warnings that someone just disabled them or turned them off. Because according to Tony, this is just one representative function, out of a gigantic codebase of wildly inconsistent documentation.

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