We got quite a few irregular submissions this week from regular contributors. Which is to say routine contributors. We're not qualified to make judgements about whether or not anyone is what what most folks would call normal.

First up, Isaac D. is struggling with localization, kvetching "Apparently this number format is ALIVE and WELL in parts of India and Afghanistan, but us poor Australians on desktop browsers also seem to be visually assaulted with it. I wonder if the Zuck will pay me $1,00,000 for reporting it or do real country borders mean nada in the Metaverse? ;)" This would ordinarily be controlled by some operating system or browser configuration, would it not?



Educated Peter G. has had his absolute fill of overwrought maths. This is just a bridge too far for Peter. "We've had issues with excessive rain recently, good thing the dams are going above and beyond to help store it all." I naively imagine that the managing authority has defined target capacity as something like 90% of the absolute maximum with a reserve for safety, but perhaps a clueful Kiwi will comment with a well-informed explanation?



Sam tries to be punctual, he really does. But the gourmands in the big city brook no tardiness at all. Frets he, "I encountered this trying to book dinner. I'm worried I might be late. Or early." I hope they'll let him sit at the bar and wait if he anticipates his appointment.



Meanwhile Mark has a small problem with a very (very) small dinner party. "Tried to make a reservation for some coworkers and got this confirmation email from OpenTable. I know they'll be jet lagged, so hopefully they can arrive precisely by 1:17am." Personally, I'm quite curious about the menu.



Finally, autodidact Andreas R. flexes his ten years award from Duolingo for us. "Apparently I studied 8027 words in the past year alone but only 5758 in total over the last ten years. So I guess I spent the previous nine years forgetting 2269 words." Seriously, ten years of doing anything is pretty noteworthy, even if you've forgot almost more than you've learned. Mark is holding a celebratory dinner party for you, don't be late!



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