Some say the world will end in fire , a great American poet once penned. Not wanting to run afoul of his heirs and assigns, I'll leave you to find the rest of it for yourselves. For my own two bits, let me say that while ice may suffice, nothing but nothing is quite like twice.

Gordon S. writes to alert us to an unusual weather event next week. Good news, though. The boss says you can take the day off.



Optimist Michael R. writes "I got this by email today (2022-10-09). Wow, I should better fire up the DeLorean to go back to ${Date_Function} and make sure it is before 23:59 20/07/2022 to claim." Can't be a US style date, can it? 7th August '23? I know, that's terribly optimistic considering Gordon's Revelation.



B.J. H. dreams of cruising to Avignon. The US Dollar is strong, but it's nothing compared to the axe that Viking cruise lines is willing to take to their prices. "The normal promotion is the same as the normal price," B.J. writes, "and the special promotions are $50 more. (And prices are per person so most people get to double the promotion.)" I don't understand how that works. Won't only half of most people double the promotion?



An anonymous cinephile crows "This movie looks terrific - where can I see it?" I'm hoping New York Theater got half their money back.



Finally, another anonymous wtfer rubs our noses in it. "This was sitting at the bottom of an article making fun of "1th October". I'm gonna skip dinner tonight, the irony is too rich and delicious." Crow again? We may need to fork this column soon.



Enjoy your breakfast, mes amis.
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