"For some, Google interview questions are getting more obscure," writes Ernie, "but for those of us who worked for years in fast food, all that toiling might pay off."


"Prezi.com online presentation portal has a prezi about the life after flash, but I cannot watch it without flash," writes Peter.


"Good thing I'm not a Toyota owner," wrote Daniel, "especially since I don't have any flood insurance."


"Looks like the stress from starring in all those ads has pushed Flo over the edge," Todd R. wrote.


Mark R. wrote, "Microsoft Ignite Australia is happening...someday."


"In an ocean of errors, I see one faint glimmer of hope," writes Piero C.


Kolja wrote, "Useless? Well, what am I even doing?!"


"After putting it off for a while, I'm REALLY glad that I finally decided to pull the trigger on the Windows 10 upgrade," Jack T. writes.


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