Instead of replaying a "best of" moment from 2022 for this final column of the year, I thought I'd dig through the barrel of submissions this week and see what the readers have to offer. Turns out, we got TWO winning entries from someone who appears to be a brand-new poster. Joel Jakubovic sent in his vacation snapshots and it looks like this might also be his last submission ever. The candle shines twice as bright that only burns half so long.

Whiling away his time in line, Joel snapped a shot of an instructional display, explaining "I saw this error in the airport security queue. Its official name is ERROR_INVALID_OPLOCK_PROTOCOL, which sounds like just the sort of excuse you'd get from the TSA as to why they had to saw your suitcase in half."



Sometime later that week, having survived the queue and the crush and the gates, finally aboard his flight (evidently not Southwest or he'd still be waiting) Joel delivered a farewell message. "Apparently I'm on a trip to nowhere, which is precisely 2398 miles away. I don't know what that means, but tell my family I love them." Godspeed, Joel. It was nice knowing you, however briefly.



After a brief but tasteful silent pause in Joel's memory, consider this anonymous submission of a package tracking page. Our reader mused "I have NaN% confidence my package will arrive on time." I hope it did, Mx Anon.



Excited Boxer Ric K. crowed "I'm getting a WTF submission for Christmas! Thanks, Santa"



While for Christmas proper, most of us in the States got delivered a doozy of a Canadian cold shoulder, our friends in the UK managed to escape that. They've got their own heating woes to contend with, however, but fortunately the utilities are on top of things, with a plan to help. Mostly. Michael R. highlights a slight inconsistency. It's no big deal though. What's a measly quid between friends?



On behalf of the rest of the crew here at tdwtf, bidding adieu to '22, here's an imaginary toast to this occasion of an arbitrary interval of two rocks spinning around an uncontrolled fusion reaction. May you all find ease and hope in the new year. Cheers.
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