"Cool! Amazon now apparently offers a battery that comes in various flavors to enhance the experience," writes Evan C.


Niels R. wrote, "Finally. A website for when you absolutely, positively need a mouse that rates 2.1428571428 stars out of 5."


"With many systems that get butchered over the days/weeks/months/years certain columns, once used solidly for single responsibility, get hacked and overtaken by sales people. So instead of just having an error message, they started to report on a confirmation status because the Status of OK wasn't enough. A Bit like when people press a button that is already lit. (You never know it really might be broken)," writes Simon M., "Anyway, I found this gem of a status update on one of the schedules."


"I sense quite a bit of irony in this error," wrote TJ S.


"I was looking at the specs of a DVI extender when I noticed that the operating humidity of the device was 'Mozilla 1.4 or later',"Peter W. writes, "I'm not really sure that the air conditioner in our server room can provide that."


"Just saw this latest build result on my CI server. Apparently the test results come and go as they please," Tom C. wrote.


"I followed an ad link in http://www.smithsonianmag.com/ with the promising headline 'Non-existent Code Doesn't Crash'," Vince writes, "Unfortunately I ended up with some real code which (though it didn't actually crash if I'm being fair) certainly didn't work."


Aaron wrote, "Woo hoo! Check it out. My phone has a direct link to the CLOUD, baby!,"


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