Amateur mathematician Chris F. thoughtfully sums up this screencap. "Although Numberblocks is a brilliant show for kids learning to count, I can't help but feel the BBC perhaps need to watch it themselves when it comes to the order of the series (or 'seasons' as many of your readers may know them) in the show..."



In a similar vein, Countist Allie C. figures "Either Github forgot how to count, or I did." On the thrid hand, Allie, it's correct as unary.



With a bit of equal time for the competition Chris B. counters "On second thoughts, gitlab, let's cancel the cancelation of the comment."



Sensing weakness, Marc Würth piles on. "Seems for GitLab 20 minutes and 20 minutes aren't the same." I vaguely recall having seen this before; are we bullying poor gitlab?



Finally, infrequent commenter Daniel D. has sent us a head-scratcher. We'll welcome any insights into what kind of architectural horror must drive an error like this. Says Daniel:
"I use this local e-shop from time to time and they have recently moved to a new system. Now I am unable to change or delete my previous delivery addresses as this would crash their database.
The message Prevedenie tejto akcie ... translates to English as Performing this action would cause inconsistency in the table dbo.Expedition, column ' (where no column is listed!)



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