Friday comes but once a week, so perhaps you should read this column very very slowly to make it last.

Disoriented David declared "I legitimately was confused while reading this because I got my days of the week mixed up. Too bad they couldn't tell me."



Midnight gopher Mark W. squirrelled this submission away for months, but better late than never? "Did you know that most days 12:00 a.m. comes before all the other times?" he prompts. "Dreamweaver doesn't! (Oh, and the Yes to All button doesn't work, so good luck if you're uploading a whole directory of files.)"



Vintage Ernie in B. found an error that rings a bell. "This issue in the AT&T Community Forums has been in discussion for...53 years?" Easy bet it was dated 1970.



Abbreviated T.Q. Hirsch understated "error-dialog.generic.snarky-comment"



Finally, prolific Allie C. proclaims "Woke up to find a greatly-increased storage quota on my Gmail account. Not gonna complain, although I am curious to know what I have that's taking up nearly 100 terabytes." I am curious what the monthly subscription fee is.



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