"This building is sinking so fast that it lost 4 floors between the headline and the body," writes Hans.


"I was looking for a new fridge, for some reason this one didn't quite have the features I was looking for," writes Tim D.


Matt R. wrote, "Well, I guess the Microsoft Time Estimator has a new job!"


"Work is sponsoring a flu shot clinic and the clinic wants to make it really easy for Marylanders," writes Rick B., "Or really hard...it rejects all but one of the MD entries!"


"So, does an inverted dropdown turn into a riseup?" wrote Tomi A.


Jordan B. writes, "Wait, exactly how much storage does Database Engine Tuning Advisor need? I don't think they make hard drives INT64_MAX megabytes in size..."


"I didn't know you could 'oSettingsEvent.comest' your audio setup or '.mog' into a meeting," writes Peter, "It doesn't get any easier in French either."


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